A war correspondent gets taken hostage while on assignment, prompting his mother, impatient with the government’s lack of concern, to take matters into her own hands.

Also Known As: Viper Club, Гадюшник

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  • angie

    Your site is listed as one that has subtitles, so where are they? I can’t get subtitles with the movies I’ve tried to see. HOW do we get them?????

  • tigran-oskanyan
    tigran oskanyan

    This movie is not just the story of a mother. It’s much more than that. It’s about human connection. We all need to realize that what for us is a mere statistic, for others is everything.

  • heather-bishop
    heather bishop

    I have watched all of Marvel’s movies and found Viper as one of the top 5. I love the cast and would keep a close eye on the main actors.Coo do!

  • dr-toth-farkas-marta
    dr toth farkas marta

    Susan Sarandon is one of the greatest actresses ever

  • beverly-jones
    beverly jones

    Maryam Keshavarz is a true visionary director. She makes art about subjects that matter. Viper Club is moving and intelligent. The cast, the writing, the visual poetry. So skillfully done!!

  • molnar-m-maria
    molnar m maria

    Great story , good acting. Intense and actual. Thumbs up, It is a compelling subject. Suzan Sarandon is the central character who makes the subject more real and stronger.

  • maia-kirkitaze
    maia kirkitaze

    Simple story. Easy dialogue. The strength is in it’s characters. Susan Sarandon, Edie Falco, Matt Bomer. Enough said,

  • kristjan-soon
    kristjan soon

    Great movie from the writing to the acting and the directing a must see!!!

  • mogens-paulsen
    mogens paulsen

    A beautiful film about motherhood, humanity, and the bravery of journalists who report from war zones. This might be one of Susan Sarandon’s best performances. Brilliantly directed by Maryam Keshavarz.

  • robert-hunt
    robert hunt

    In this review, I give my first 0 score in the Writing category. The scenes and dialogue are so repetitious, and the story is so generic, that I could not give any credit. This movie could have been written as a school project. Tons of filler scenes to lengthen the film. Dialogue that covers topics already discussed and that does nothing to move the story along. I LOVE Susan Sarandon, which takes this movie from dull to extremely disappointing. YouTubeRed and this writing team wasted 2 hours of my time, as well as months of Susan Sarandon’s life. I hope she got a huge check, but she probably didn’t.Real Review Posting Scoring Criteria: Acting – 1/1 Casting – 1/1 Directing – 1/1 Story – 1/1 Writing/Screenplay – 0/1Total Base Score = 4Modifiers (= or -): Editing-Length: -1Total Real Review Rating: 3

  • philemon-poulemenos
    philemon poulemenos

    A look at kidnaping of a journalists in Middle East war zone. Interesting to see things from the family perspective the stubbornness anger at them and ultimately uselessness of any effort to free them.Bad camera work and directing in the earlier part. Susan Sarandon is moving.

  • hilda-at-ashyan
    hilda at ashyan

    Viper Club (2018) on Youtube subscription.Iranian director, Maryam Keshavarz, returns after a seven year hiatus. Her previous brave movie, Circumstance (2011), showed the plight of Iranian lesbians in a harsh political country filled with hypocrisy and misogyny. In Viper Club, she places the USA under a microscope and reveals plenty without being overloud.The basic premise is that of a mother attempting to deal with the issue of her kidnapped journalist son in the Middle East. While the FBI and the government are stalling (because one doesn’t know what the other is doing), the frustrated mother turns to a wealthy fundraising group with connections in high places. All this while attempting to keep down her job as a shift nurse, doing long hours and deprived of sleep.Director Keshavarz creates a social structure of the USA within that story frame. The obvious one is the bureaucratic red tape from the Government and the games they play for political purposes. Then there is the wealthy groups and the power they have when they lend a helping hand is raising the ransom. Most importantly is the hospital where the mother works as a nurse. It is the hub of a multicultural society. A workplace where people of different cultures get along, even under duress. There is one underplayed sequence during an emergency rush hour of gunshot victims, obviously from another U.S. shooting spree, but that is never spelt out. It is scenes like this, and others, where the filmmakers have placed faith in their audience to decipher.The main thrust of the story is the mother’s ordeal. She is only a small player in this kidnapping saga because she really has no control, and all the while has to juggle the heavy load of shift work and life. This is revealed in short scenes, with some lingering shots on Susan Sarandon’s tired and emotionally drained features that were powerfully effective.This was all achieved by a somber tone. Almost like being in the same shock trance as the mother. It also had a powerful sense of realism, with the slight handheld camera movement and the care it took in showing the mother’s daily life. Almost reminiscent of a Ken Loach or Mike Leigh style of filmmaking, where the characters are more important and carry the story.

  • maka-basilashvili
    maka basilashvili

    I thought the film was good. It’s no 10 but on-the-other-hand it’s no 1. I gave it 6 stars because of Susan’s compelling performance, good choice for this role. Also, besides the main story line being lost sometimes and its sluggishness, I just found this as an opportunity to pay attention of how it portrays a group of people who spend a deal of time together their compassion and empathy for one another – regardless what the wins and losses were. I enjoyed it and thought it was cool. imo 🙂

  • sander-silm
    sander silm

    This is a 100% drama movie, there are absolutely no comedy and no action. its a story of heartbroken life driven by the magnificent acting by susan sarandon and the rest of the cast making viper club worth to see.its a dramatic film about a mothers loss, having a son that has been captured by the ISIS in syria somewhere, and about her actions made to try to set him free, through official channels,that are not so helpful, then through unauthorized organisations,to try to make contact with the captors and to try to pay him out , which officially comes in conflict with u.s antiterror laws,that ssay that if you trry to bail out someone held by a terrorist organisation,you can face legal actions and be found guilty for supporting the organisation financially , aka supporting terrorism. god forbid that happening to my children, its a terrible nightmare for sure.mrs sarandon do really stretch her talents to the limits in this drama, the longing, the dispair, the desillusions, the fatigue,and most of all the helplessness are so exclusively done.. if you wanna have a taste of true hardships of life do watch this movie. highly recommended.

  • vincenc-miklavcic
    vincenc miklavcic

    For me, the movie does not let down. Susan Sarandon plays a nurse whose son’s a freelance journalist who gets kidnapped, while in Syria and she struggles to do what needs to be done to get him back.It would be a Lifetime movie of the week if it was not for Susan Sarandon’s involvement, and it really helps. Such a fine actress portraying the frustration of a woman who’s son has been missing for three months and it seems like her government is not doing anything and she’s not sure if an alternative that was given to her (the Viper Club the pulls their resources together in order to pay ransoms for kidnapped people the government will not help) will work.It’s also different from Lifetime as the movie is a real downer, but Ironically that’s what makes it good.

  • sara-vavrova
    sara vavrova

    Take notice that before my review all the written reviews are 10’s while the movie’s aggregate score is 5.5. How does that happen?Only one way — fake reviews.It’s disgusting that this goes on.Well here’s a real review — the movie is horrible. It’s slow and very poorly directed. VERY.In fact, the direction is amateurish at best. Like High School.The writing? Idiotic. It’s written like the writer never got beyond 5th grade.It’s a pathetic low budget pandering piece of garbage