Young Florentines take refuge from the black plague and engage in bawdy adventures and lusty exchanges.::Anonymous

Also Known As: Virgin Territory - Seksiä, valheita ja perinteitä, Anjos e Virgens, Il decamerone, Território Virgem, Szűzlányok ajándéka, Jaunavu Teritorija, Aprendiz de caballero, Medieval pie - Territoires vierges, Территория девственниц, Dekameronas: skaistuoliu teritorija, Chasing Temptation, Virgin Territory, Територiя незайманостi, Decameron: Angels & Virgins, Devisko obmocje, Guilty Pleasures, Decameron Pie, Angeloi & parthenes, Andjeli i djevice, Angels and Virgins, Dekameron

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  • vaxtang-k-arc-ivaze
    vaxtang k arc ivaze

    This is my first review simply because this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Now if I was a 13 yr old boy in the 80’s I would love this movie because of the nudity in it. This is one of those movies that make you question why some actors take on the part, namely Tim Roth. I have watched many many many bad movies in my time, some I have enjoyed, scary movie 1-3, but this is a horrible waste of time. Save yourself and watch some monty python.

  • ostap-balaban
    ostap balaban

    Although a little over the top at times, overall it was a good flick and an apt mix between “American Pie” and “A Knight’s Tale”. It wasn’t perfect, and was cheesy at times; however in spite of that, I’d watch again.

  • marisela-villalobos-quinones
    marisela villalobos quinones

    Virgin Territory all together is just a mess of a film. After watching it, I can see why it went straight-to-DVD in the US. The film just lacked comedy, action, adventure and good romance. It felt really cheesy and the acting was pretty bad. The story just wasn’t interesting and was sort of foolish. The lead actors; Hayden Christensen and Mischa Barton are pretty much lifeless on screen. Their attempts at British accents are laughable, Christensen is whinny when he should be heroic and his accent sometimes fades within the film, while Barton appears ready to doze off at any time. They both amazingly fail to change their facial expressions for the entire duration. The scenes in which Christensen pretends to be mute might have been his only good moments, but even here he is totally inadequate. Tim Roth was pretty decent in this film given the material he dealt with.When it comes to missed opportunities, it really doesn’t get any more disappointing than this. “Virgin Territory” is based on a book filled with stories of sex and debauchery, and yet it somehow manages not only to not be sexy, but neither witty nor engaging on any level. An example of a cheesy sex scene was with two females and two guys performing a sex act with a milk maid and a cow. The film seemed more PG-13 due to its language but was rated R for a few nudity scenes (and they weren’t really that good). Overall the film was just a mess and not funny. Don’t even bother

  • osumin

    If you’re looking for an artistic depth, or even a semi-entertaining thriller, the “Virgin Territory” is not the right title, but then, at least as I see it,measuring up to the movies of the type is not the movie’s idea. This is to be watched for the sake of lighthearted fun, Friday-night romance with your partner with a glass of wine, and, in general, a tint of “letting it loose”. To be sure, more often than not the humor is failed and forced but I felt entertained by the gratuitous rascally nature of the characters, especially the men, rather than by the very jokes. Hayden Christensen, for the story he dealt with, was amusing and charming, if at times kinda bored. I assume neither he nor I were sure whatever he was playing – a chivalrous, rowdy medieval hero, or a clownish, immature “Anti- Romeo” – but the overall air of buffoonery he exuded kept my attention. Of course, the additional reason – for which I dare believe practically all of us (men) who watched the movie – is the erotica. There is a number of nude scenes in which the women (again, in an uninvited and absurd, but still all the more entertaining way) treat men with their bodily assets. Gensini’s and Colloca’s behinds were a hypnotizing watch, but I hated how the scene I consider to be the real gem of the movie’s nudity, the one with Elisabetta Canalis (herself a professional nude model from back in 2003) lasts too short (we get to see the breast for like a 20th of a second, practically making the exposure redundant). Oh well, there’s always the “pause” button…So, yes, enjoy the movie for the sake of semi-funny but melodramatically fulfilling romance and kill-time soft-core porn (I have a random hypothesis the latter was, in the long run, the actual motive this movie was produced – hence the lackluster “comedy” and “thriller” departments).

  • richard-ellis
    richard ellis

    I was shocked to see that this movie scores so low on IMDb, it is definitely one of my personal favourites.The plot seems to be the problem for most of the reviewers who didn’t like the film. Well, what can I say other than it was taken right out of Boccaccio’s famous Decamerone. Boccaccio being one of the most famous of all Italian writers EVER, and yes, he loved sexy, dirty stories with lots of rather ridiculous characters. (His works are available on Project Gutenberg.)What I like about it? It’s tastefully sexy (yes, I love beautiful nudes), it contains some interesting characters like Tim Roth as Gerbino de la Rata, I especially like the first encounter with Count Dzerzhinsky and their exchange of words, Count Dzerzhinsky himself in his overly self-assured way, seems pretty cool too. The scene with the milkmaids in the cowshed is excellent too, revolutionizing pornography by giving the facial to the men (finally…)Comparing the movie to American teenage flicks like ‘American Pie’ is definitely an insult that I mind very much. It’s about like comparing a Ferrari with a Chevrolet Avalanche.No, it’s not deep, but does a movie have to be to be good??? Can it just be fun to watch?

  • ivanka-kalanjos
    ivanka kalanjos

    All the basics you want in a film. Fun, villains, sex, humor, heroes, and a happy ending. But not predictable. No intense thinking material, yet there is intense thinking underneath.It might be viewed as a light-hearted Elizabeth the Golden Age, though on a smaller scale and in a different part of England. Out in the country where the big bad wolves and princesses in distress mingle.Makes me wonder why it didn’t do much better at the box office. It certainly deserved to. I guess it’s hard to market a film that may seem old, religious, and historical. In reality, the religion and history serve as a backdrop and the film never feels old.Tim Roth leads a cast of great acting. He makes the villain both hate-able and amusing.

  • stefani-schmidtke
    stefani schmidtke

    As a huge Hayden fan I have been waiting to see this movie for quite awhile. They kept changing the title and the release date, etc. I only by happen chance came upon it in one of those RedBox Machines yesterday and was thrilled. I enjoyed the movie. It was nothing Oscar worthy, but it was cute and had its moments. You may have to dispel reality for some of the films moments, but it is still enjoyable.I will say I wasn’t expecting as much nudity and some of it gave me a feel of an older version of a teenage sex movie. And alas my poor Hayden is not very good with his accent. The naughty nun thing also gave me a surprise. When they started kissing his body and undressing him I was like “wait a second…” I think I had a few of those moments while watching this movie. The Count and the painter/turned priest were comic relief I would say. Also the way the captured Filomena and Elissa turned the situation around and dropped the men’s trousers was quite a scene. What is the deal with the Orlando Bloom lookalike being their captor? Way too many characters with hard names for me to keep everything straight.I think if you don’t go in expecting too much and over analyzing you will come out entertained.

  • novikov-mokei-viktorovich
    novikov mokei viktorovich

    i watched this movie not expecting a lot. but wow, i got far more.this is a movie of love and the complexities thereof, of bravery, and indeed the sword fighting scenes were incredible. haydn was wonderful in it.the casting was beyond reproach, it was perfect 🙂 many derided haydn’s acting abilities, but he has proved himself in this movie 🙂 i wont spoil it, but the ending made me smile, and it was as perfect as true love could be 😀 a wonderful movie. i give this movie 7 out of 10. it deserved more though frankly if you’re looking for a great movie to watch, swashbuckling, everything i mention in my summary title, this is the one to watch 😀

  • vilde-rasmussen-thorsen
    vilde rasmussen thorsen

    It was quite funny and not bad. The romance between them were OK. But I just thought, “Whoa this has been directed by horny teenagers”. Because it was just, basically, all about sex. I liked the ending where Pampaneya ( or however you spell it) and Lorenzo (who is gorgeous) got together and the twist where the Russian guy got with Lissa (I think he name was). The convent was funny! But it should have been obvious he wasn’t deaf/dumb. The ‘priest’ was great! He was really funny, and at the end where he was showering flowers over them, that was funny too 🙂 Commentary was funny throughout it. I liked the tribe bit, very funny. And Rupert Friend was great as the leader 🙂 very funny! Overall, Good.

  • tiiu-ivask
    tiiu ivask

    Back in the olden days, somewhere in Europe, renegade bad boy Lorenzo (Hayden Christensen) is on the run from Gerbino (Tim Roth), who wants him dead after a game Lorenzo won. Meanwhile, rich Pampinea (Mischa Barton) is set to be married to some foreign guy, but Gerbino wants her for himself, and Lorenzo has a little thing for her too perhaps.Lorenzo ends up in a convent, pretending he’s deaf and dumb so the nuns will all have sex with him for some reason, then Pampinea, on the run, ends up at the convent too, and falls for him even more.Basically all this movie is is a very undermined porno. Nuns having sex with Lorenzo all the time doesn’t really convey what nuns really do. And just the overall storyline is ridiculous. It’s like a lame version of “Casanova”, without the superb acting abilities of Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller, and instead the leads go to Hayden “I killed Darth Vader for every true ‘Star Wars’ fan” Christensen and Misha “I should’ve never quit ‘The O.C.'” Barton. Run far away from this film, or find a place to bury it so no one will ever find it.

  • zalitis-ilmars
    zalitis ilmars

    This nice, mild version the extremely bawdy Decammeron Nights, was so lightly thought of, it was released directly to DVD in the US.The only reason for the R rating is the a few of the ladies busts are shown,& some suggestive dialogue as same ladies are milking a cow over the clothed body of our hero. What this movie really needed (since the guys are so handsome),was at least a suggestion of some male sex (which was in the original stories). There also should have been at least one whipping or torture scene, or suggestion of. THe above ladies were supposed to be nuns, to me they were not.Hayden Christensen (Star Wars 2 & 3) is not bad as our stalwart young hero. Mischa Barton is delightful as our pure heroine. Matthew Rhys as a Russian suitor is a comic find,( his character has a very long hard to pronounce name) He rattles this name & his lineage a few times & never misses a beat.In fact the entire cast is a delight,The script & direction was by David Leland and is good. The settings are beautiful. This is not a great film or even a good adaptation,it is just an enjoyable pleasant,not bawdy enough treatment.Ratings: *** (out of 4) 83 points (out of 100) IMDb 7 (out of 10)

  • sylvio-bolnbach
    sylvio bolnbach

    Virgin Territory, meant to be a romantic sex comedy (though it winds up not being romantic, not being sexy, and certainly not comedy), is simply one of the worst movies I have seen in recent memory. Though I will say, I saw it in a reasonably crowded theater, and most everyone else was laughing all the way through, so I suppose there is still a big audience for recycled, clichéd, and long since stale jokes about anatomy and sex. Hayden Christensen reaffirms that he is one of the most dull and wooden actors out there (how does this guy keep getting work) and Tim Roth must have lost a bet or something to star in something this dreadful. Simply painful to watch.

  • shirley-mason
    shirley mason

    A young man engages in debauchery and swashbuckling adventures in 14th century Italy. This film is mostly harmless, but an incredibly lame attempt to make a sex comedy set during the time of the Roman Empire as Europe is devastated by the Black Plague. The script and direction are so amateurish that it looks like a low-budget TV movie. It is difficult to buy Christensen as a swashbuckling hero, as he looks about twelve and has little screen presence. Roth looks embarrassed to have become involved with this project. The only selling point here is that there are some quite attractive women in the cast and they tend to disrobe with some regularity.

  • elisabet-apostolidou
    elisabet apostolidou

    Anybody who thought this was a soft core porn movie would be forgiven. The whole ‘guy turns up at commune and gets laid half a dozen times’! What’s that about, I ask? It’s certainly not based on reality. That said the movie is not set in present times so perhaps we shouldn’t judge the women within it on a modern standard, supposing nuns no longer put out for a good looking gardener. On that note probably best to stick to the guidance here, if parents are wondering, as it’s bound to give us lads a false sense of hope at such a young age. It’s not surprising given the directors talents! The movie is difficult to follow, with that results a surprising and interesting film. The actors are all well know teen actors, you will have seen them on the likes of Skins and OC, this is one of those movies that seems to be a summer break for actors, however they did not take a break in acting, if at times they seem a little hung-over, so to speak. There is also more than just a good cast here, there is a mix of nationalities, it varies from all over the world and this adds vastly to the period setting. There is a bit in the movie where the evil guy sees a musket for the first time, and that is a cool idea. What else could the evil baddie say to his minions other than “I want that get me it”.Brilliant cameo from David Williams’s (cart pusher) funniest moment of the whole movie. He is only in it for a short while at the beginning but its worth watching the movie for his part alone. It is important to say that id normally save my time for a movie that doesn’t deserve its rating, this film is very luck to have a 5 and deserve it, you should watch it and see what you think.

  • synnove-andersen
    synnove andersen

    As a big fan of classic swashbucklers i wasn’t expecting much of this movie and because of that I liked it very much. It’s very low budget, but has some decent sword fights. Besides that its filled with beautiful women (actually beautiful) and yes, quite some nudity. But in a non-offensive and quite charming way. Mischa Barton is looking great as a historical figure (better than perfect-teeth Keira Knightley in PotC, P&P) and Hayden is quite good with his sword and a better swashbuckling hero than for example Heith Ledger in Casanova or Orlando Bloom. the movie is just great fun. its highly entertaining with the simple stuff: swords and love. i enjoyed it a lot. Actually the first entertaining swashbuckler of the 21st century.

  • krievins-dzidra
    krievins dzidra

    I laughed (out loud) once. I hardly think that constitutes a ‘comedy’ for me.There are a few witty one-liners, and a touch of situational humor, but most of the humor is pretty stale and dry. I think they were trying for something along the lines of The Princess Bride, but missed the mark entirely.There were a few sword-fights, but that hardly supports an entire ‘adventure’, and the plot was utterly formulaic and you could see 10 minutes ahead of the film at any given point.As for the romance, well, the ONE romantic idea present in the film just wasn’t enough to qualify it for a romance film either.My hat is off to anyone who can find an ounce of drama in this movie either…So, what is it? Something to pass the time if you literally have nothing else to do. As I mentioned before, I’d recommend watching the Princess Bride if you haven’t, or watching it again, rather than watch this.I gave it three stars because the acting wasn’t terrible, there were those witty one-liners, and I did manage to laugh once.

  • marcheta-oprea
    marcheta oprea

    If you’re looking for an intelligent, well thought-out and realistic comedy, this is not the movie for you. Virgin Territory will never win awards, it will not be studied in film classes and most definitely will never be among the top movies ever made.However, if you’re looking for a movie with juvenile humour, ridiculous sex references and just an overall silly movie, you’re in the right place. That being said, this movie is hilarious. With a rather famous main cast including Hayden Christensen, Mischa Barton, Tim Roth and Mathew Rhys, somehow, even Mischa Barton’s acting doesn’t stink as much as normal. But, hands down the best performances go to Tim Roth and Craig Parkinson. Tim Roth as Gerbino di la Ratta, the villain and Craig Parkinson as Tindaro, the artist/priest and narrator. How either of them kept a straight face with their lines is beyond me.I can’t say for certain, but there’s no way this movie was made to be taken seriously. For crying out loud, they all have British accents when the movie is set in Florence, Italy during the Dark Ages. It follows the antics of six teenagers who flee Florence to escape the plague. What follows them is one Russian count, an evil villain out to steal a bride and a priest. Along the way they encounter a variety of obstacles and people, and somehow at least four sex scenes get thrown in before they reach their final destination.It’s an over-the-top teenage sex movie that is an excuse to have boob shots, with a lot of purposely eye-rolling puns and ridiculous situations. It’s not remotely realistic, and definitely isn’t meant to be. But it’s not as excessively crude as the American Pie: The Naked Mile, and such but more akin to American Pie I. But with better music.None of the above is necessarily bad; I found this movie to be a refreshing medium between overly sexed movies that try too hard such as the Scary Movie series, new American Pie movies and similar and the annoyingly stupid and obnoxious movies like as Knocked Up and 30 Year Old Virgin. Especially with lines like, “Tindaro: (narrating about Gerbinos sex-life) There isn’t much going on under his pants. Funny, I’ve heard that he’s the biggest dick in town…” how can you not laugh?

  • jozefa-nemec
    jozefa nemec

    I found this film on the shelves of a French hypermarket on a day trip to Calais. Presented in the same font and style as the ‘American Pie’ films, I have to say that the local French title “Medieval pie – Territoires vierges” did stand out, which was possibly the intention of the DVD marketing company, trying to trade on the success of a similar and more successful series of teen comedy films. Even now, after the event, I’m still not sure whether any of the cast or crew of ‘Medieval Pie’ have any involvement with the ‘American Pie’ franchise at all. I’m doubtful. I get the feeling that this movie will be known under a variety of titles in a variety of markets, and that alone should set the alarm bells ringing in the heads of most sane movie reviewers.There are a few familiar faces on display. Hayden Christensen, Mischa Barton and Tim Roth are the three most obvious ‘names’, with ‘Little Britain’s’ David Walliams appearing in a blink-and-you’ll-almost-miss-him cameo. The main problem is that all these actors are playing characters with hard-to-remember names. Barton is Pampinea, Christensen is Lorenzo (who for some reason masquerades as a deaf-and-dumb gardener in a convent where for some reason all the nuns have sex with him, a central joke that gets tired very quickly, even with all the nudity) while Roth is the main villain, Gerbino de la Ratto. I was rather more impressed with Matthew Rhys’ Russian Count Dzerzhinsky, who rattled off his name and lineage on several occasions without missing a beat – I could have done with a memory like that to remember exactly who was who. It was a struggle at times.My favourite scene was probably when the two women who get captured (Rosalind Halstead & Kate Groombridge I believe) try and escape by tricking their guards into dropping their trousers and lining up in order of size and then creating an argument about whether you start small and work up, or start large and work down (or even start in the middle!). That was fun. The main love story involving Barton and her three suitors (Christensen, Roth and Rhys) is perhaps not so successful, and the less said about the sex-obsessed nuns the better. It’s an old fantasy for sure, imagining what nuns get up to behind closed convent doors, but not especially original.I’ve seen worse comedies for sure – anything involving Aaron Seltzer & Jason Friedberg for one thing, but I have seen better too. I suppose for the genre it represents, this sits somewhere in the middle of the pack, so even though it did bypass the cinemas and go straight-to-DVD, it’s not really that bad. It deserves one viewing at least, but whether it will hold up to multiple screenings is much less certain. I’m not sure it will. I guess what I’m really saying, is wait until the sales – don’t pay full price for it – unless you have a thing about nuns getting naked, in which case this is a 10/10 movie for sure. For me though, it’s just a five.

  • lonnie-walsh
    lonnie walsh

    I really wanted to like this film but instead I’m bemused as to how David Leland managed to make such a mess. The plot is scrappy at best, there are far too many characters you are supposed to care about you end up caring about none, it’s never clear who or what the film is really about, the acting is below par and the nudity is gratuitous.The love affair between Lorenzo (Hayden Christensen) and Pampinea (Mischa Barton) is implausible and you can’t help but feel that something is missing from the beginning of this film to help ground their relationship in something other than the odd coy glance. The acting isn’t terrible but it is unforgivable in key places, in particular whenever Barton and Christensen kiss, which feel so forced and unnatural that it makes me wonder if Barton’s real life boyfriend was on set watching.I wouldn’t call this film a comedy however there are some very odd moments where it seems comedy is the intention but it just doesn’t work. For example a cameo from David Walliams would be welcome in any comedy but in Virgin Territory it just doesn’t seem to fit – his zany exploits are mistimed and misjudged.Also, there are many moments that defy all logic (what is Elissa suddenly doing in a lake on her own?) and a part me thinks that Leland was maybe trying to create a film that felt something akin to The Princess Bride. He failed, and he failed because I think he was also trying to create a film that felt like Zoro, or Sense and Sensibility, or Carry on Camping, or American Pie, or…in fact I don’t think even Leland knew what he was trying to do.The sexual elements are also misplaced with one or two moments where it seems Leland was gunning for the gross-out-teenage-sexual-angst genre. He fails again, falling well short of what we’re used to and only confusing the audience further.There are some facets of this film I did like: the film is pretty well shot and the scenery in many scenes is a joy. I found Count Dzerzhinsky (Matthew Rhys) a welcome light relief and his character by far the most interesting and Christopher Egan did a fantastic job of portraying Dioneo as the unhinged antagonist. However, these things could never make up for a film that really doesn’t know what it’s doing, which is a shame because it did have potential.

  • judith-thomas
    judith thomas

    “Virgin Territory” stars Hayden Christensen and Mischa Barton (don’t laugh), in a rowdy medieval tale in the vein of Monty Python (though not as witty), Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and the Princess Bride. Of course, it begins with Christensen speaking with a believable British accent, which I personally feel he should adopt for all of his movie roles. He sounds more comfortable and realistic than he does using Northern American English. His accent has bothered me for years but strangely he didn’t mangle the British one.Well, Virgin Territory surprised me. And I mean I am pleasantly surprised. The movie was filmed two or three years ago and was finally, very quietly released in March 2008 straight to DVD. Were the producers too embarrassed for a theatrical release? They needn’t be. I’ve seen much much worse and for the record, Virgin Territory isn’t horrible-bad, but intentionally bad since it’s a parody and a sex comedy, its demographics clearly with teenage boys in mind. If any of these actors are Catholic they might be ex-communicated now, with all the sex with nuns, in twosomes and threesomes– naked peeing cherubs and all.Aside from the questionable Mischa Barton, Virgin Territory manages a reputable cast in Tim Roth, Matthew Rhys and a handful of other actors some of you may recognize.I didn’t think it was great, but think it deserved a little more than a straight to DVD release. Some obvious flaws? Mischa Barton’s acting was absolutely abysmal. She had no chemistry with Hayden Christensen. The plot was aimless and probably should have been grosser. If you’re going to do a dirty sex comedy, you need to bring it or the jokes fall flat.Anyway, it wasn’t an entire waste of time. I really wanted to know what was going to happen next. I would recommend it. Just for the giggles. It wasn’t great. It wasn’t completely horrible. You’ve seen worse, I’m sure of it. The costumes were nice, the director managed to make the period look real, despite an able Rupert Friend in cornrolls and bad guys in leather jackets designed by Roberto Cavalli.

  • sig-ra-timoteo-mancini
    sig ra timoteo mancini

    Of course this movie will never win an Oscar, but that is not what it aims for. It aims to entertain the audience, with a certain amount of nudity and sexual innuendo, and it does that quite well I’ve to say. Mischa Barton and Hayden Christensen act their roles quite well, just like Tim Roth, and basically I can say that if you want a night of light entertainment, this movie can provide that.It is loosely based on the Decameron by Boccaccio, and if I have to find a problem with the movie, it is the Italian title for it, because really, the references to the Decameron are not so many, but at the same time, the situation of a group of young people leaving Florence for the plague is the same, so I guess it could be accepted. However, it’s all the “adventures” these people go through once they leave the town that make the movie somewhat interesting and amusing.I know I’ll be watching it again in the future.

  • autumn-cohen
    autumn cohen

    This isn’t exactly “The Grapes of Wrath” or “Citizen Kane”…but so what? I found it a very adequate period-piece comedy that even occasionally had a hint of Monty Python humor. The musical soundtrack was decidedly 21st Century…but it “worked” for me.The cinematography was surprisingly well-crafted, in my opinion, and the acting was perfectly adequate, albeit nothing exceptional. All the actresses were decidedly attractive — why do I think that 14th-Century nuns in an Italian convent during the Black Death were maybe not quite so hot as depicted here?? — and Mischa Barton proves once again that she is a truly gorgeous young woman (although she was NOT one of the several females who had any nude scenes).Bottom line: worth a rental, and also an OK “date movie”.

  • jacobo-garrido-meraz
    jacobo garrido meraz

    Virgin Territory is for secondary and high-school teens. If you’re older than 18, you can’t get any taste from this work of fiction, or wise to say, a tale.Tim Roth, Mischa Barton and Hayden Christensen form a love triangle. Tim Roth is the bad guy, the grim Roman knight; Mischa Barton is the princess popular with her virginity; and Hayden Christensen is an adventurer exactly seems like Robin Hood. By the way, we have a narrator, our storyteller who also plays a role, too.The tale takes place in feudal Europe, at the age of Roman Empire, and in the most leisured class of this empire: Florence. It’s the epoch just before the invention of the gunpowder. Nevertheless, there is no historical coherence in this movie; for it’s a fantasy. An absolutely complete fantasy of a craftsman working at the construction of a cathedral, who is also our narrator. While he was drawing artistic figures to the ceiling, he dreamed of an erotic and desirous fantasy of one man and a full nunnery of nuns playing the doctor-and-patient game altogether.If you’re not from this world or have never watched a B-movie about nuns teaching sexology to a lad yet, then this could be a movie for you. The eroticism factor of Virgin Territory is very modern. Within a negative view, it’s purposely making fun of the people who don’t believe in sex before marriage. In an optimistic view, love still exists; at least whoever in love with someone, stays in love with the same one at the end.A funny and total shameless teen adventure movie for both boys and girls is what you will find. Don’t worry if it’s disturbing, obviously it’s not. It’s basically a modernization of 80s’ eroticism epoch. New generation youth wouldn’t watch Emmanuelle, right?

  • antonin-pokorny
    antonin pokorny

    “Virgin Territory” is a silly, lame and unfunny film, where the sexy women and their breasts are the only entertainment (at least for the male viewer). The plot is a complete mess with scenes without any explanation. For example, why is Elissa naked in a lake seducing the Russian count? Or when Pampinea felt in love with Lorenzo? There is no chemistry between them. The narrative is also boring. Why Tim Roth and Hayden Christensen (after performing Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars) accepted to work in this film is the greatest question. My vote is five.Title (Brazil): “Território Virgem” (“Virgin Territory”)

  • gloria-beard
    gloria beard

    It seems the other reviews either love everything about this, or hated it…Well, I have to say for what it is, it is OK and watchable if you know you just want a no brainer evening.It doess a real sense of fun without too much silliness and even a definite charm.It is sexy, and has a fair amount of nudity, but it’s all done in a spirit of fun…It is a bit of Carry On, a bit of Romeo and Juliet, with sexy romance, and dashing sword fights, some decent one-liners and some running gags it all works if you’re in the right mood.The plot is a take on the Comedy of Errors, three suitors, one girl, but one is mean and nasty, the other falls in love with another girl, and one is her true love… it ain’t Shakepseare but it is fun to see what happens next.Nicely shot with good costumes and settings this is one to just enjoy for what it is: escapist comedy reasonably entertaining and fun…