When a psychiatric doctor researches a young girls’ diary to find out why she murdered her entire family, he begins to fall into the same state of insomnia and confusion that led her to lose her mind.

Also Known As: Do Not Read, Dear Diary, Wake Up

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  • aida-at-anasyan
    aida at anasyan

    Fifteen-year-old Molly Marie Goldman (Kelly Frances Fischer) keeps a diary and has cursed anyone who reads it. Not exactly sure how that works. She has bad vivid nightmares. When her brother comes home from the service, she kills all of her family and their dog too. Her doctor read her diary and the film picks up at his funeral as the diary is handed over to Philip (Scott Broughton) who suddenly has issues.I liked the characters especially the smart-alec Charlotte Tanner (Traci L. Newman) who came across in a realistic manner. The story was a cut above but lacked a reason for the curse, to begin with, i.e. why did Molly have bad dreams?Guide: F-word. Brief sex. No nudity.

  • hrvoje-bralic
    hrvoje bralic

    A psychiatrist is studying the diary of a girl who murdered her family, and would later end up committing suicide. The longer he reads the journal for his report, the more paranoid and insane he becomes. It reaches a climax where doctor’s state of mind will affect more people than he realizes.I saw this as my local mom and pop theater in Buffalo, and I enjoyed it. I appreciated the hints of Lovecraftian elements (a person going insane while reading something they weren’t supposed to). The opening sequence was suspenseful, and well edited. The only put off was a blatant display of incest, which struck me as shock for the sake of shock. Also, the sound editing was off with the music overpowering the dialogue at points.Other than that, this is a good movie, plain and simple. Support indie horror, and give this film a look.