Readers across the world are in love with author Sally Carmichael’s series of romance novels that chronicle the epic love story between a human girl and a merman. But no one knows that Sally Carmichael is really Simon Hayes, a bitter, serious novelist – and Simon would like to keep it that way.

Also Known As: We Love You, Sally Carmichael!

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  • jasna-smolic
    jasna smolic

    I was in this wonderful movie as an extra. Meeting Christopher Gorham and Sebastian Roche was a dream come true and just to be at the premiere and see the complete movie was an even bigger dream. This movie is a cute, romantic, funny, emotional roller coaster and oh do i love roller coasters!!! #WeLoveYouSallyCarmichaelSuccess – i’d give this movie a 100/10 if i could! You must watch it!

  • loukianos-spanoudakes
    loukianos spanoudakes

    Not much to see here but a good-natured time waster (whose 83 minutes or so means you don’t waste much time). Christopher Gorham plays the writer of a wildly popular set of novels about a Merman (a la Twilight) that he’s embarrassed to have written (under the pseudonym “Sally Carmichael.”) However, his publishers won’t let him out of contract given the upcoming movie version of his books. Through a series of circumstances (involving a pretty bookshop owner), Gorham write an article criticizing his own books that goes viral. It’s all resolved neatly (as these kinds of movies are) but Gorham does a good job as the anxiety-ridden author who gets outed as the author and has to make peace with popularity of his books. A stronger script could have explored these themes a bit more effectively and I would have jettisoned the character of the overenthusiastic actor who ends up revealing Gorham’s identity. The movie kind of slows way down whenever he’s on the screen. Wait through credits though for a scene from the movie version of the Merman books. It’s brief but a real hoot!

  • georgia-judd-searle
    georgia judd searle

    A lot of positive messages came from this enjoyable movie. It was great to see an individual not caught up in the popularity frenzy nor tainted by attained wealth. Even though the story is made up, it can still yield an example of good things to emulate. Particularly touching was the fact that a family had lost a parent/spouse yet over time they were able to adjust to the loss and keep the dreams alive. The depiction of affluence and worldliness next to down-home goodness reminds us of what is better to seek for. The use of texting made for a wonderful use of technology of our day in the telling of the story. It was hilarious and left you with a good feeling. Don’t stop bringing us these kinds of experiences. Hollywood’s usual alternatives are not a match for good, wholesome cinema like this.

  • luiz-gustavo-carvalho
    luiz gustavo carvalho

    It’s not that the movie (pace) is very slow at start. It’s a little slow, but, that’s kind of the point, our protagonist, by choice, lives a slow life. What’s really slow is getting to some laughs. There’s some intent there, but, it’s not well executed.But, once all the characters are established, including the cute love interest and crazy famous actor, things start to warm up. There are some good laughs. Sure, the best ones seem to be making fun of the “celebrity culture”, but, those are not all of them.Another big problem is that there is an obvious wasted opportunity to make more fun of Twilight and similar “young-adult sagas”. There’s some critique, but, it actually feels more like the movie is “tagging along” rather than exposing Twilight and its ilk for what they are – empty shell(s). Just saying that is no enough – after all, it should be obvious.Acting is OK, but not great. Betsie Tullough does a good job, but, she doesn’t “sell” her growing affection for the protagonist well. It starts good, but, later we don’t really see any progress and when she feels betrayed (because he didn’t tell her that he’s the actual author of the “Siren” saga), it doesn’t seem to bother her as much as it should. Protagonist, Gorham, “does his thing”, portraying this bad-adjusted talented writer with all his quirks, but, somehow, fails in the same area as his partner, also not showing his growing affection for Betsie Tullough, nor the devastation when she dumps him – and he should be devastated, she’s the only woman willing to spend time with him and it looked like she loved him. So, both are OK, but, miss a very important element.Unlike them, the crazy actor is well portrayed by Sebastian Roche. A little over the top, but, it’s a comedy, to be expected.So, it’s a movie with several flaws, but, in general, its heart is in the right place and it does deliver good laughs eventually. Thus, you get what you can expect from a comedy.

  • nikora-horton
    nikora horton

    Age 67 and looking for simple and rewarding movies as the same for other things in life. Cancer , Parkinsons, and a recent stroke. Nothing better than a good clean laugh with the story of what makes the real world go round and round. Thanks

  • sara-cooksley-saunders
    sara cooksley saunders

    “We Love You Sally Carmichael” is a clever, funny, and clean comedy with a great parody aspect. I cried the whole movie from laughing so hard. I had no, or perhaps low expectations for this film, but did anticipate some light-hearted humor. What Gorham has done is a brilliant hybrid of “Utah humor” and Hollywood caliber casting, screenplay, music and directing. What I love about this movie is it is a CLEAN comedy with excellent acting and a stellar screenplay. You can bring the whole family to this movie. It pokes fun at the Twilight series phenomena (in my humble opinion) and that makes it even better. I myself am a Twilight fan, but not one of those crazy fans–of which this film has plenty. The movie is set and filmed in Utah and–coming from a homegrown Utahn–is perfectly authentic. All the way down to the radio co-hosts telling the news to the morning segment “Good Things Utah.” If you’re afraid you’ll find religion in this movie, fear not, as there isn’t any, other than the admittance of the protagonist author that he is a Mormon. There are no words for how great, or how funny this film is. I can’t wait to see it again and own it and enjoy it over and over again.

  • heitor-cardoso
    heitor cardoso

    We laughed out loud many times in the movie! Well written. Well acted. Incredibly funny. It pokes fun at a lot of things but it’s all in good taste and with class. It’s very family friendly and people of all ages can relate. We took our 6 year old and she liked it and laughed a lot as well.

  • julija-sinkovec
    julija sinkovec

    I recently went to see this movie. I can honestly say that I have never laughed harder watching a movie. It was hilarious, well-acted, and extremely quotable. The lead actors were all excellent and the supporting actors were hysterical. If you have the chance, go see this movie.

  • giulio-palumbo
    giulio palumbo

    I LOVED this movie! I took my sisters, my daughter, my 81 year-old mother, my girlfriends and my 10 year-old granddaughter — what movie can you do that?!? The story line was adorable; the jokes were clean and fun (and I wasn’t embarrassed to have my mom & granddaughter there!); and we all laughed til our sides hurt! GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!! It will be 2 hours well spent!

  • monika-veranyan
    monika veranyan

    This film tells the story of a man who appears to be a budding author, but in fact he has several best selling novels under a pseudonym.It is refreshing to watch a romantic comedy with authors in it. The film is fun and light hearted. The inclusion of children and teens in the film make it different from other romantic comedies, giving it a fresh spin. I enjoyed it a lot.

  • mireia-tomas-cabello
    mireia tomas cabello

    Funny, surprisingly fresh and charming movie about a writer, his alias and his phobias. Christopher Gorham is so talented as the star and director of this film. I took my two children (ages 9 and 11) with me to see it, and while it is not a children’s movie, we all loved it. Do yourself a favor and enjoy this one.

  • jaime-moore
    jaime moore

    My wife and I were laughing out loud through the whole thing, and very few movies do that for both of us. The lead male and female are both incredibly good at being comically uncomfortable, and the quirky story line (contrived in a good way) with eccentric supporting characters gives them plenty of opportunity. It’s set in Utah, and there are a couple of passing mentions of Mormon this or that, but in no way is it about being Mormon or poking fun at the culture. It’s just a funny “what if a popular romance series were secretly written by a grumpy guy” yarn.

  • antonio-angelica-rojo-cintron
    antonio angelica rojo cintron

    A delightfully simple, but elegant comedy where a struggling writer and his wildly successful pen name are pitted against each other (or himself). The comedy is spot on and appropriate for all ages, with the plot and acting quite stellar on all counts. This movie is not only believable, but the take home message will resonate with audiences from all walks of life.