In a tale that almost redefines sibling rivalry, faded actresses Blanche and ‘Baby’ Jane Hudson live together. Jane was by far the most famous when she performed with their father in vaudeville but as they got older, it was Blanche who became the finer actress, which Jane still resents. Blanche is now confined to a wheelchair and Jane is firmly in control. As time goes by, Jane exercises greater and greater control over her sister, intercepting her letters and ensuring that few if anyone from the outside has any contact with her. As Jane slowly loses her mind, she torments her sister going to ever greater extremes.

Also Known As: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, Che bar sare Baby Jane amad?, O que Aconteceu com Baby Jane?, ¿Qué pasó con Baby Jane?, ¿Qué fue de Baby Jane?, Was geschah wirklich mit Baby Jane? West, Hva hendte med Baby Jane?, Kas nutiko Džeinei?, Küçük Bebege Ne Oldu?, Wat is er toch van Baby Jane terechtgekomen?, Mi történt Baby Jane-nel?, Что случилось с Бэби Джейн?, Ti apegine i Baby Jane?, Nani ga Jên ni Okottaka?, Какво се случи с Бейби Джейн?, Dieu Gi Da Xay Ra Voi Baby Jane?, Co sie zdarzylo Baby Jane?, Що сталося з Бейбi Джейн?, Hvad blev der egentlig af Baby Jane?, Qu'est-il arrivé à Baby Jane?, Hva hendte med Baby Jane, Vad hände med Baby Jane?, Que Teria Acontecido a Baby Jane?, Что случилось с Бэби Джейн? Soviet, Mitä tapahtui Baby Janelle?, Che fine ha fatto Baby Jane?, Wat is er toch van Baby Jane terecht gekomen?, Ce s-a întâmplat cu Baby Jane, O que Terá Acontecido a Baby Jane?, Mitä tapahtuikaan Baby Janelle?, Τι απέγινε η Μπέιμπι Τζέιν;, Mitä tapahtui Baby Janelle, Was geschah wirklich mit Baby Jane?

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  • anonymous

    What’s happened with the subtitles? :S

  • zara

    This is not a movie its a commentary!

  • eric

    If u like seeing Bette Davis and Joan Crawford specifically in their scream queen roles, u can’t go wrong this bone chiller! Pulse pounding psychological terror and edge of the suspense!