After an unsuccessful mission, FBI agents Kevin Copeland and Marcus Copeland fall in disgrace in the agency. They decide to swap their bad position with his superior Section Chief Elliott Gordon working undercover in an abduction case, disguised in the two spoiled white daughters of a tycoon, Brittany and Tiffany Wilson, getting in hilarious situations.

Also Known As: Бели мадами, Valged tibid, As Branquelas, Agenci bardzo specjalni, Iki fistik, Loiras à Força, FBI - Fausses blondes infiltrées, Bele ribe, Feketék fehéren, ¿... y dónde están las rubias?, Dos rubias de pelo en pecho, Mrak komadi, Two Blondes with Chest Hair, Donde están las rubias?, White Chicks - Agentit minimekoissa, Ξανθιές... γκόμενοι!, Saikyô josô keikaku, White Chicks, ¿...y dónde están las rubias?, ¿Dónde están las rubias?, Белые цыпочки, White chicks - agenter i minikjolar, Drôles de blondes

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  • anonymous

    why doesnt it play

  • tasha

    ur just a hater this movie is great

  • vladislav-urban-csc
    vladislav urban csc

    I am astounded that anybody would say that this is a great movie. I understand that this is a comedy, but the whole plot is unbelievable. The two men don’t look white, like women, or the people they are posing as. It is unrealistic to think that these girls friends wouldn’t notice that the friends they see every day have grown a foot and a half and have mens bodies. All of the jokes in this movie are lame. The only thing that made me laugh was the big black guy singing in the car, and that certainly is not enough to make this movie watchable. The people responsible for bringing this piece of crap to the theatres should be ashamed of themselves. I would not recommend this movie to anybody.

    • tasha

      ur just a hater this movie is great

  • tammy-horton
    tammy horton

    I haven’t seen such a bad movie for really long time. Im really surprised to see it score 3.8 (currently), because if there was any negative scale on imdb, then it should definitly get -10 and be nominated for Lamest Movie Ever Made title! What a POS, stay away from it if you have at least one working brain cell left! I cant believe anyone could write such lame lines, and whats worse – that actor with such great potential like Marlon Wayans ( Tyrone from “Requiem For A Dream”; the black dude from “Scary Movie”) agreed to play in it!Keenan Ivory Wayans should stick to acting, because thats where he excels. It takes sharp mind to write a screenplay for a comedy, and as easy as it may seem – it is actually much more difficult to write any average comedy than to write any best “in da hood’ gangsta flick.1/10

  • kristin-harrison
    kristin harrison

    This is absolutely, hands down the worst movie I have seen in years. I was looking for an easy watch but Jesus! I was handed this movie after a long days work and was disgusted just reading the title. I was informed that it was “actually hilarious” so turned my brain off for a couple of hours of “bubble gum comedy”. Now I understand some people take a while to twig on to a joke, but why the incessant pauses after a really small and lame joke? most of the so called punch lines were strained to say the least, with nothing other than toilet humor and bad taste behind them, sure you may want to giggle, but then move on! The makeup and jokes were so bad, the script was written for 12 year olds and the stereo types were actually “too much”…..like “too stereotypical” and I didn’t think that could be done.Utter trash.

  • xavi-aeije-courtier
    xavi aeije courtier

    Well, I thought this movie was pretty terrible – literally: as in pretty funny, but terrible plot. As for the racist label, i don’t think it can be taken seriously; the film was a compendium of stereotypes from beginning to end: the slapstick, bling laden, rap happy, likable but incompetent, black duo as improbable FBI agents; the stern but ultimately soft hearted black police chief (how many of these have we seen over the years?); the buff mandingo with the appetite for white meat; the rich, shopping crazy, catty heiresses, etc etc. Well it was funny in its circumstances, although when flatulence is used to this extent, it means the director was seriously running out of ideas. Believable? No way! The two agents were as credible as white chicks as John Kerry would be as J.Lo. Don’t waste your time – save it for TV in a couple of years’ time. i vote 4.

  • viktorija-poska
    viktorija poska

    I just had to write a few lines here to express my concern over how this movie can be rated 5 out of 10 on IMDb. I can watch a bad movie and laugh out loud over how bad it is, and afterwards still feel that it was worth watching. White Ghost anyone? :)This movie is worth a negative score if it was possible… Its PURE crap in its purest form.It is of course my personal opinion but if you think you can get anything out of this movie you are wrong. Its not a feel-good movie or anything, its just plain ugly…Bring back some quality comedies please.

  • eleonora-philomela-demakogianne
    eleonora philomela demakogianne

    Someone really needs to sit down with the Wayans’, explain how terrible their work is, maybe bring some clips of it to help illustrate that point. Seriously, are they simply surrounded by a mix of yes-men and people too worried they’ll be accused of prejudice against African-Americans? Keenen Ivory… stop directing, please. You’re not very good at it(unless I’m Gonna Git You Sucka is the exception to the rule… I sincerely doubt that Little Man is, and those are the only two I’ve yet to watch). Shawn and Waylon… just plain stop. Damon… what the heck happened to the show you had, titled after yourself, man, that had *hilarious* moments. And all of you, do not write again. If the gag isn’t doesn’t make us laugh the first time, why would it help to repeat it? That happens several times in this. The material consists mainly of offensive stereotypes, and making fun the Hilton sisters(and types like them) and fashion and such, and anyone who’d enjoy this flick are already making those jokes, so why bother? Frankly, nobody their behavior is plenty enough, nobody has to make an effort to mock them. Everybody here is a soulless caricature. The misunderstandings and their solutions all seem like they were rejected from lousy sit-coms. Part of the problem is, while the make-up is well-done, the audience are not fooled, and that makes it tough to accept that everyone in the movie is. If you want to laugh at men in drag for an entire motion picture, go for Some Like it Hot, or at least Mrs. Doubtfire. This merely tries to gross us out and hopes we’ll confuse that for humor. The DVD has three featurettes. There is strong language and pretty explicit sexual stuff. At least there is eye candy. I recommend this solely to fans of the brothers. 1/10

  • colin-johnston
    colin johnston

    I gotta say, this movie for me, is a classic. Even though it came out in 2004 i think it is a classic. The thing that in my opinion is even more funny than the witty lines is the facial expressions of the characters. They are hysterical. Trust me, they are hilarious. The only reason that i didn’t give it a ten is because of the acting from two supporting actors. I think you would be able to determine them yourself. Overall an Awesome movie. A movie you can watch over and over again. I have and i know that you will want to too. Don’t think about it, just do it you will not regret it.

  • robin-snyder
    robin snyder

    Sporting two of the worst make-up jobs in motion picture history, Shawn and Marlon Wayans play incompetent undercover FBI agents who dress up as a couple of blond bimbo socialites to nab a kidnapper. Borrowing virtually all of its plot points – and none of its style – from that gender-bending template, “Some Like it Hot,” “White Chicks” hits a new low in cross dressing comedies. Not only are the makeup jobs repulsive and thoroughly unconvincing, but the humor rarely rises above the waistline. About half the jokes center around flatulence and the other half around bodily functions in general. Unlike most actors stuck in a turkey of this caliber, the Wayans have no one to blame but themselves (and their older and presumably more experienced brother, Keenan Ivory, who directed the film and co-wrote the screenplay with them).This is about as completely unfunny as any comedy could ever hope to be, but what I really want to know is how a movie that uses transvestism as its theme can still manage to trash gays every chance it gets.

  • lori-white
    lori white

    After watching this movie again, I found more humor in it but it was still lacking. I don’t think I would actually recommend this movie to anyone, unless they really wanted to watch a scary movie. Some parts of this movie are very creepy, the faces are very awkward throughout the movie. There is a part where the heiresses walk into the pool party and the politician and his wife turns around, that lady has to be the single creepiest thing I have ever seen in a film.The plot was very poor, but the general feel of the film was cheap. The humor just barely makes up for the poor acting from the Wayans Brothers. This is a C class movie, I would only watch this if you rent it for $0.99.

  • joanna-schwartz
    joanna schwartz

    I didn’t like any of the Wayans movies, the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise being the worst but ‘White Chicks’ comes as quite a nice surprise. It’s actually quite funny and has some laugh-out-loud moments. Keenan Ivory Wayans finally offers a film that’s actually funny without heading too much towards the direction of horrendous stupidity. Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans are supported by a competent cast that includes Lochlyn Munro, Jaime King, John Heard, Anne Dudek, Busy Philipps and Frankie Faison. I find Marlon Wayans unbearably annoying in his other films but here he is quite likable and his character is more mature than the crap he played in other films. Shawn Wayans did show signs of a good actor in ‘Requiem For A Dream’ and here he does a decent job. Both actors are excellent as the white chicks. However, ‘White Chicks’ isn’t without its share of flaws. The opening sequence makes you want to walk away from the movie. Some of the comedy just falls flat and some of the toiler humour is overdone. Yet, in spite of that the movie works as a brilliant comedy. I love the scenes where Marlon’s character returns home after partying and he dozes off while his wife is whining, Latrell’s lust for ‘Brittany’, ‘Brittany’ and ‘Tiffany’ wanting to listen to hip-hop in the car but their friends prefer something else… there are quite a few such moments that got me laughing out loud.

  • melissa-lara
    melissa lara

    This is a terrible, poorly acted, contrived, instant-coffee like, shallow, dimwitted, dull, one-dimensional piece of summer fluff. But strangely, if you check your IQ in at the door and think about all the terrible things happening in the world, really think hard about them, two normally unfunny and 2nd-rate actors dressing up like “white chics” can be sort of funny at times. The handful of silly though occasionally funny scenes in this movie employ the lowest common denominator type of humor popular in schools across the land, including the beloved and timeless…”farting”. Scenes progress from one to the next in paint by numbers version of comic movie making with the expected and mostly tired racial stereotypes tapped. The film isn’t racist, but of course there’d be no way a film with two white guys dressing up as black girls, acting, say, “ghetto”, would ever fly. A double standard? Yes, but it’s been open season on uptight “honkey” culture since “white men can’t jump”, and sometimes deservedly so. However, most “white chics” would never identify or be accepted by the upper class elite portrayed in the film, whether they’re from the East Hamptons, or anywhere else, so ‘White Chics’ also aims it comic sights on the much more acceptable and welcomed sendup of the rich, albeit rich white people. Some of the funnier moments include the big football player (black) who falls for one of the “white chics”, thinking she’s that rare combination of white girl with a “black girl booty”. Those scenes were among the few that really had some potential to generate some serious laughs, but apart from a one or two, the opportunity was mostly missed. The end of the film is even more canned than the rest, and pretty much unravels whatever potential it had built up in earlier to reveal its expected slim core. The film is one dimensional comedy, built on one joke: disguise black guys as white girls, uses well played out racial stereotypes, and familiar jabs at the rich. However, farting is timeless.

  • brittany-hicks
    brittany hicks

    From the previews and my own idea of what the movie might be like, I was very hesitant to spend the time to even give this one a chance. That is, at least, a critical part of this movie. You must at least give it a chance. If you aren’t willing to take a leap, then I doubt you will get much out of it…and even then it won’t be a huge amount. Quickly from the outlandish premise, the characteristic differences of a rich white woman and black man are laid out heavily. This will form the foundation, one might think obviously, of the movie. Most of the movie for me was watched through a wince of pain as a train wreck unfolded before my eyes. Although, that is simply part of the fun and entertainment here. You know it is ridiculous, and thoughts of, ‘Wow, how much worse could it be’ seep in and you begin to enjoy it. If you are looking for shallow comedy, yes, you have found it…and there is nothing wrong with that.I found the man playing Latrell to be a solid inspiration of humor. He put what may be the best performance into this movie and even saying that now surprises me. He was hilarious. The Wayans brothers do as well as anyone could hope to in their role, playing to the ridiculous situation well.Another movie in a trend of superfluous comedy. White Chicks has its place here, and is worth seeing. After all, what price can you put on a laugh, even if its only one.

  • maria-miettinen
    maria miettinen

    I would have never seen this movie if it wasn’t for younger siblings. It’s the kind of movie you don’t think you will ever see and I saw it and I laughed again and again.I didn’t find it racist because I found the comedy mostly geared toward differences between men and women and the most hilarious aspects of the film come from the Wayan’s brothers dressing up as the girls and the tribulations they have.Personally I can understand how anyone over the age of twenty might not find it as funny. It’s a comedy mostly geared toward younger people in the way of Night at the Roxbury or even Clueless. My advice would be to see it but don’t expect too much…maybe you’ll like it.

  • gloria-davis
    gloria davis

    This is just plain fun and will have you laugh until your insides hurt. Marlon and Shawn Wayans go undercover by using disguises in order to infiltrate the rich and uncover something bigger…only their seniors have no idea whats happening….This film is hilarious from start to finish; the laughs just keep coming; you won’t be able to stop for a minute to catch your breath. Terry Crew is perfect for his role, his lines are funny and his physique is amazing… While the other characters are just as good, (far too many to name). It does have an element of Bad Boys but it works.Some critics label this movie as ‘stupid’; I think its a film were you can just sit back and laugh out loud, it isn’t the greatest plot but thats not what this aims to do…its not an Oscar nomination, its purpose is to make the audience laugh and enjoy themselves and thats what it does with perfect precision.

  • melita-erzen
    melita erzen

    This is one of my favorite comedies. It’s an excellent movie. I even saw it twice and I laughed a lot. I totally understand why many love this movie, but some really think it’s a crap. If you want to see a serious comedy, you won’t like this one because it’s very absurd. I mean how can two black guys transform into two white chicks and nobody sees the difference. The plot is very unreal, something you won’t see in the real life, but if you pass over this things you’ll see one of the best comedies. The acting is great, the plot is very entertaining so I recommend this movie to everyone who wants to laugh a lot and enjoy a great comedy.

  • baabuu-ashok
    baabuu ashok

    this film had me laughing from the preview to the credits. it is a prefect movie to watch when you just broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and lost your dog. You will be smiling in no time. The plot is totally unrealistic but that just adds to the funny of the film. Anyone who says this movie was not funny must have no sense of humor at all because everything out this movie was funny. I thought my stomach was about to explode i was laughing. The fact that they looked nothing like the actual girls makes it even more hilarious. Actually when i seen this movie my grandfather had just died and i couldn’t help but laugh when i saw this film. Funny! i cant find any other way to describe it. Good job Wayans

  • bryan-shaw
    bryan shaw

    Americans are some of the most uptight folks on the planet. To the folks who think this movie is anything but funny, well you are hopeless.PC in your case means pitifully cramped. Humor, like beauty, is unique to each person. But the Wayans seem to be able to dish out equal portions of playful jabs and tongue-in-cheek which appeals to me.A look at the Hilton sisters and their lifestyle gives more than enough fodder to make something really funny, and it is in this movie.If you want intellectualism, go elsewhere. This is just smartly funny.

  • gimjunhyeog

    This comedy is magnificent and is entertaining and hilarious all the way through. One of the best things about the film is that they didn’t use the same jokes that every other comedy movie based on someone dressing up as someone else and pretending to be them. Also the work that went into making Shawn and Marlon Wayans look so convincing as white chicks must have been massive because they looked brilliant. Frankie Faison was alright playing the chief and delivered a few clever scenes. Terry Crews was excellent as Latrell Spencer and was a good touch to the movie. Of course the stand outs were the Wayan brothers which any one could tell even just from the trailer of the movie. This performance almost stood up to their roles in Scary Movie 1 and 2 which is really really saying something. Lets hope they keep writing movies (with Keenan Ivory Wayans who deserves as much credit, if not more, for the writing) and starring in them as well because God knows they can act and act brilliantly. Great movie. The toilet humor was well done too.

  • deborah-jones
    deborah jones

    White Chicks is the funnest film i have watched in years. Am i the only one who thought the made up black dudes looked better than the real white chicks. As for all the comments about the film being racist, cant anybody watch a film any more as a film , as a comedy film, and not as a statement of America right now. Remember its a comedy you laugh at funny things on film, you don’t watch a comedy film to write a check list of every thing not politically correct about the movie, its a movie to be enjoyed by the masses not by the political correctness police, get a life people. I watch a film to enjoy that film, i watch the terminator and i don’t think while I’m watching it, mmmm Arnie cant act, he shouldn’t be in this film, lets have Dustin Hoffman play the terminator he can act, cause that would be and is stupid, watch a film to enjoy, thats what they are for.

  • tony-prouse
    tony prouse

    After seeing the Wayans Brothers in Scary Movie 1 and Scary Movie 2 I had high expectations on this film, not because they are comic geniuses or anything, but because they are one of the few toilet humor actors I can tolerate and even find quite humorous under the right conditions. White Chicks pulled out all the stops, and remains one of my favorite movies to watch till this day.There was just so much hilarious material, that was quite different from some of the other comedies I had recently seen. Yes, the main plot is really unbelievable, but it pays off. All the cast knew what kind of film they were working with and slap it up whenever they can. One of my favorite scenes is in the dressing room, and another is at a restaurant. I will leave it at that for those who have not seen it. This film left me smiling long after it was over, because it started off strong and carried out the whole way through. That’s all it really needed to do. I must say that there was nothing wrong with this film at all, and that it was totally funny. It was kind of obvious how when the brothers in the film dressed up to be the sisters they looked nothing like them, but I still thought it was a great underrated comedy!

  • carla-campbell
    carla campbell

    So I am not a fan of “homeboy” movies but every time I see this movie come on I have to watch it. I laugh myself silly every time. I cannot help it but the Wayans Brothers totally kill it with this one. It is so not about a plausible plot but about being extremely entertaining. With a great cast of characters. I definitely do not watch movies for hidden meanings, a significant message, or the artistry. I watch movies purely for entertainment and enjoyment and this one definitely fits the bill!For those critics who just want a meaningful just pass For those of you wanting pure laughs and entertainment!!! WATCH IT But why listen to me. make up your own mind.

  • ms-amanda-phillips
    ms amanda phillips

    I have seen the Unrated version on DVD together with my family.I was very much suspicious about this movie from the moment when I saw the DVD cover and really wanted to push stop button after the first 5 minutes of the film, especially after seeing absolutely silly makeup :=) Lucky for me, others wanted to continue watching. What followed was 1 1/2 hours of great comedy, some scenes are so hilarious that even after seeing them many times I still laugh again when seeing them.In some way this movie is identical to Soul Plane by being an underdog which is blamed to be racist and full with low level jokes. Perhaps it is, but I still find it very funny.10/10 (Partly because of the IMHO unjustified low total rating this movie has)

  • steven-sanders
    steven sanders

    Okay, I was dragged kicking and screaming to this movie. I made my friends pay for my ticket in protest when the majority voted to see this and I was stranded at the movie theater without my car. When I first heard of it, I thought the premise was absurd, the make-up laughable and the jokes seemed racist. I was right about the first two things. Yes, you are not fooled for one minute that Marlon and Shawn are actually either of the 2 pampered princesses they impersonate. Yes, you can’t imagine anyone else being fooled either. But for one moment, just suspend your disbelief and take this movie for what it is… a comedy. A gut-busting, rolling on the floor laughing and quotable one-liners kind of comedy. This was the funniest movie I have seen in a long time. This movie makes fun of everyone– black, white, rich, poor, dorks, cool people… no one is safe. And the brother who falls for Marlon in disguise had me pee-ing in my pants! And there’s even bit of commentary about social and racial stereotypes. All in all, an enjoyable experience.

  • carrie-white
    carrie white

    After an unsuccessful mission, FBI agents Kevin Copeland (Shawn Wayans) and Marcus Copeland (Marlon Wayans) fall in disgrace in the agency. They decide to swap their bad position with his superior Section Chief Elliott Gordon (Frankie Faison) working undercover in an abduction case, disguised in the two spoiled white daughters of a tycoon, Brittany and Tiffany Wilson, getting in hilarious situations.I like the silly and funny movies that Keenen Ivory Wayans directs. His formula, mixing gross, low level and racist jokes are hilarious and highly recommended for days when you are down and trouble. My soccer time lost the game in the afternoon and I was very upset. While watching “White Chicks”, I laughed a lot and I really liked this comedy, which will never be nominated to an Oscar or to Cannes. But it is delightful to shutdown the brain and feel amusement and joy with this type of silliness to improve the humor. My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): “As Branquelas” (“White Chicks”)

  • pamela-singh
    pamela singh

    This movie is simply funny, it aims to make you laugh and no more. Anyone who dissect the plot and put the acting and screenplay of this film under a microscope is missing the entire point of this movie.This is a comedy, not a documentary or an historical saga, this is plane humor, dumb with a bit of a slapstick taste… The entire situation is fictional of course and that’s what so funny about it. I’ve read some comment about this movie here and the people who wrote these comment are way off, talking like those big-shot movie critics. This is a fun movie to watch with a “stupid” yet hilarious story, simple comedy and a lot of what some people call “toilet humor” (which is always funny) – it’s nothing more than pure entertainment and it leaves you with a smile on your face which is never a bad thing, right? I’ve seen this movie 5 times and I still laugh my heart out! 😀