Cody Jarrett is the sadistic leader of a ruthless gang of thieves. Afflicted by terrible headaches and fiercely devoted to his ‘Ma,’ Cody is a volatile, violent, and eccentric leader. Cody’s top henchman wants to lead the gang and attempts to have an ‘accident’ happen to Cody, while he is running the gang from in jail. But Cody is saved by an undercover cop, who thereby befriends him and infiltrates the gang. Finally, the stage is set for Cody’s ultimate betrayal and downfall, during a big heist at a chemical plant.

Also Known As: Fehér izzás, Bílý žár Czech, Maschinenpistolen, Granita Californiei, Al rojo vivo, Белая горячка Soviet, Fúria Sanguinária, L'enfer est à lui, Cehennem Alevi, Sprung in den Tod West, 白熱, Sprung in den Tod, White Heat, Alma negra, Caldura alba, Maschinenpistolen West, Бело усијање, O megalos amartolos, Roent, 白熱(1949), Biały żar, Megszállottság, Glödhett, Valkoinen hehku, Біла гарячка, Bloeddorstig, Hvidglødende, La furia umana, Бяла жега

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