The story takes place in alternative America where the blacks are members of social elite, and whites are inhabitants of inner city ghettos. Louis Pinnock is a struggling white worker in a chocolate factory, loving husband and father of two children. While delivering a package for black CEO Thaddeus Thomas, he is mistaken for a voyeur and, as a result, loses his job, gets beaten by black cops and his family gets evicted from their home. Desperate, Pinnock takes a deadly weapon and kidnaps Thomas, demanding justice, but the fight he will have to finish will cost him more than his job was ever worth.

Also Known As: Straße der Rache, Il rovescio della medaglia, Hvit som synden, Hvid mands byrde, Участь белого человека, Vit som synden, White Man, Jeux de pouvoir, Feketén-fehéren, A Cor da Fúria, Мъката на белия човек, Percurso Fatal, Teret belog coveka, Beyaz öfke, Atrapado, ジャンクション, White Man's Burden

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