An order for 1,000 yachts for a middle-east sheik is up for grabs. The list of contestants has been narrowed down to two companies: one is a multinational one with good backing and the other is run by visionaries and enthusiasts with their main focus on rowing-boats. Having a hard time to decide between the two the sheik declares a race on the Göta Canal through Sweden, from the capital of Stockholm to the second city of Gothenburg, where the winner gets the order. Pretty soon it becomes obvious that winning does not mean strictly abiding to sea rules and regulations.

Also Known As: Kanavaralli - eli Kuka poisti tapin veneestä?, Vem drog ur proppen?, Sejled' op ad åen, Wer gewinnt das Rennen? East, Göta kanal, Who Pulled the Plug?, ¿Quién tiró de la cadena?, Göta kanal, eller Hvem dro ut proppen?, Göta kanal eller Vem drog ur proppen?

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