Wilder and Wallace are brothers and pyrokinetics. Ever since childhood they’ve been able to start fires with their minds but following a tragedy in which they accidentally killed a man, the brothers have grown up very differently. Wilder has become a regular 9-5 workaday joe but Wallace performs his feats with a traveling circus. When the circus comes to Wilder’s home town Wallace starts coming on strong to Wilder’s wife, Vida who, ironically, is a slight pyromaniac.

Also Known As: Mise à feu, Ahava Boeret, Piromani, Kuck mal, was da brennt, Triangolo di fuoco, Wilder Napalm, Fogo Indomável, Divlji napalm, En het affär, Φλερτάροντας με τη φωτιά, Die Sache mit dem Feuer, Lángra lobbant szerelem, Fuego salvaje, Почище напалма, Asuntos que queman, O Fogo da Paixão, Tulipäät

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