When white settlers encroach on Indian lands, the Assiniboins declare war on the settlers. Apache chief Winnetou vows to help keep the peace between whites and natives. He saves the daughter of the Assiniboin chief and in return he asks for the lives of three troopers held captive by the tribe. Among the three captives is Lt. Robert Merril, son of fort commander Col. J.F. Merril. Meanwhile, crooked oilman Bud Forrester schemes to start a war between the Army and the natives. Forrester sends his men to attack wagon trains and settlements and he blames the Indians. By starting a conflict between Indians and the Army, Forrester hopes to grab Indian land that is rich in oil. Frontier scout Old Shatterhand, Apache chief Winnetou and British adventurer Lord Castlepool join forces in an attempt to stop oilman Bud Forrester from succeeding with his evil plan. Also, fort commander Col. J.F. Merril offers his assistance to Winnetou in hunting down of those responsible for the latest attacks and massacres of white settlements. The Colonel’s son even offers to marry the daughter of the Assiniboin chief, in order to prove the goodwill of the Army to maintain the peace between whites and Indians. Unfortunately, greedy oilman Bud Forrester makes yet another unexpected aggressive move that could ruin everything.

Also Known As: La carabina de plata, Winnetou II, Västerns laglösa, Vinnetu - syn Inchu-Chuna Soviet, Βινέτου: Ο αδάμαστος πολεμιστής, Winnetou: The Red Gentleman, Винету 2, Krigerhøvdingen Winnetou, Winnetou - och dödens ryttare, Winnetou: La furia de los apaches, Vinnetou - Rudý gentleman, Furia apache, Winnetou - Revolta dos Apaches, Winnetou- ultimul renegat, Vinnetou II - Červený gentleman, Winnetou, Winnetou 2. - Az utolsó renegátok, Vinnetou - Rudý gentleman Czech, Kahramanlar Geliyor, Vinetu 2, Winnetou, o adamastos polemistis, Winnetou II: Ostatni renegaci, Winnetou - 2. Teil, Prærien i flammer, Grito de Guerra dos Apaches, Winnetou: Last of the Renegades, O thisavros ton Apache, Vinnetou II: Cervený gentleman, De schat der blauwe bergen, Winnetou ja kuoleman ratsastajat, Vinetu II, Vinetu II deo, Winnetou: The Last of the Renegades, Ingen vei tilbake, 大酋長ウィネットー, Виннету - сын Инчу-Чуна Soviet, Giorni di fuoco, Le trésor des montagnes bleues

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