Harry Valentini and Moe Dickstein are goons for the Newark mob boss Castelo. They are sent to the race track to place a bet on a horse but screw it up by betting on the wrong horse. Now they owe $250,000 but they separately get an offer to work it off; by killing the other one. Together they go off to Atlantic City where Harry’s mobster uncle Mike may be able to bail them out.

Also Known As: Οι εξυπνάκηδες, Os Espertalhões, Wise Guys, Умни момчета, Estos si son amigos, Mafia salad..., Cadaveri & compari, Ważniaki, Baieti destepti, Pametnjakovići, Oi exypnakides, Dos tipos geniales, Nagyokosok, Quem Tudo Quer, Tudo Perde, Zwei Superpflaumen in der Unterwelt West, Smarta killar, Мошенники Soviet, 黑街福星

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