One boy’s wish changed a man. One man’s wish changed the world.::Marc Gold

Also Known As: An American Hero, Wish Man

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  • aaron

    Pls upload Beatdown (2010).

  • anonymous

    This movie is way better than I expected.

  • david-n-chance
    david n chance

    may well be the best movie you will see in years…

  • kim-eirik-berg
    kim eirik berg

    This is a wonderful movie. After watching it I felt that each one of us can truly make a difference! Thank you Frank Shankwitz for stepping up and showing the world that everyone can be a hero! Wow!!

  • antonio-das-neves
    antonio das neves

    Whenever you laugh and cry during the same film you know it’s a good one. It was like being on a roller coaster of emotions provided by the excellent writing from Theo Davies. He has a knack for drawling in the audience’s attention and keeping it there throughout the entire film. The acting was fantastic especially by the main actors; Chris Day (Young Frank), Christian Ganiere (Michael), Andrew Steel and Kirby Bliss Blanton. You really felt the Andrew and Kirby had a real connection just like I’m sure Frank Shankwitz and Kitty Carlisle have. The supporting cast was led by CHIPs Alumni Robert Pine and Larry Wilcox. Talk about pros? They made it look easy. Steven Michael Quezada (Breaking Bad) also did a great job being young Frank’s mentor, Juan Delgadillo.

  • bruce-gutierrez
    bruce gutierrez

    This is one of the best films I’ve seen in recent years. The whole feel of the movie is stunning and it is the amazing story telling, directing and actors which bring this film to such heights.Loved it!

  • larisa-zeleznik
    larisa zeleznik

    The storyline, the acting, the tears and the laughter made for a rollercoaster ride of emotions. This is the kind of story telling the world needs now! A total feel good inspirational tale about the unknown start of the Make A Wish foundation. A big kudo’s to the filmmakers, cast and crew!

  • gertrud-jeppesen
    gertrud jeppesen

    I found this movie to be uplifting and heart felt. Frank’s story is an amazing one. I thought the director did an amazing job and Andrew Steel did a great job playing Frank.

  • ing-eleni-gertz-b-eng
    ing eleni gertz b eng

    This inspiration film shows that one motivated person who saw and felt the need to change the world did so. Frank Shankwicz overcame obstacles and had the idea to create one of the world’s premier charitable organizations in the World. You will be inspired by watching this movie. I walked out of the theater very inspired.

  • saavitrii-dttaa
    saavitrii dttaa

    Really moving story about the strength of the human spirit, redemption, and perseverance. I hope the movie gets into broader distribution…I saw it in Prescott, AZ where the subject of the story now lives.

  • klavdiia-andriievich
    klavdiia andriievich

    I really enjoyed the story and very much admire what Frank has done. I thought the actors really made the characters as if you were watching the actual person I felt like I was in the story and laughed and cried and felt everything he went through.