A ruthless tycoon, whom his nephew (Anthony “Tony” Richmond) hates as he had both deprived his father of half of the family business and had (after his father had committed suicide) married his mother. A nurse (Maria) from a poor Italian family, is initially hired to care for the tycoon. She initially dislikes him because he abuses his employees. Tony convinces Maria to persist in his employ, however, telling her that he plans to bequeath his entire (fifty million pound) fortune to charity. He plans to help her marry him, then to help him change his will, and (perhaps) then to help her achieve her inheritance, all for a payoff of one million pounds.

Also Known As: Mulher de Palha, Bezcharakterní zena Czech, La donna di paglia, Woman of Straw, Dubbelspel, Szalmaasszony, Esrarengiz dilber, Gyilkosság a hajón, Die Strohpuppe, Соломенная женщина Soviet, Myrdede hun?, Olkinainen, Wara no onna, Stråkvinnen, Femeia de paie, Die Strohpuppe West, Gynaika apo ahyro, La femme de paille, Сламена вдовица, La mujer de paja

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