A new drug grants its users the ability to place their consciousness into the bodies of other people. Soon, a serial killer begins to use the drug as a way to live and die as other people by forcing his victims to kill themselves.::Phase 4 Films

Also Known As: Alice in Wonderland in Hell, VIViD, Wonderland, Wonderland 3D, VIViD 3D

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  • panteleemon-tsiamouras
    panteleemon tsiamouras

    …this is not a “6” film, not by a long shot. It’s barely a “3,” and more likely should be rated even lower. Shot on a shoestring, “Wonderland” fails to rise above its threadbare premise in any significant way. Its storytelling is murky at best, while its visual elements are haphazard and irksome. “Wonderland” remains a piece of work that will keep its viewers’ fingers firmly on the fast forward button.I’m not too surprised that it’s failed to attract any reviews on this site until mine. I suspect that’s a combination of detractors being unwilling to waste keystrokes best saved for worthier targets and admirers being unwilling to commit to praises that they know are undeserved. I’m a bit unnerved myself, but mostly by having taken the time to sit through the thing, at least as much as I could bear. Like I said, the fast forward button is your friend on films like “Wonderland.”Sad to say, this is just another one of those deceptively hyped pieces of product that my unwary public library video purchaser made the mistake of acquiring. I can only counsel any reader of this review (which really isn’t a review, I admit; it’s more like a simple warning label) to avoid wasting time with this one. I’ve already done that for you. You’re welcome. Now go watch a real movie.