British Army radiation drills at a remote Scottish base attract a subterranean, radioactive entity of unknown nature that vanishes, leaving two severely radiation-burned soldiers… and a “bottomless” crack in the earth. Others who meet the thing in the night suffer likewise, and with increasing severity; it seems to be able to “absorb” radiation from any source, growing bigger and bigger. What is it?? How do you destroy a thing that “feeds” on energy?

Also Known As: X - czynnik nieznany, X, o Inimigo Desconhecido, Lo desconocido, XX unbekannt West, Икс: Неизвестное Soviet, La incógnita X, To teras apo ta vathi tis Gis, X - den ukendte fare, O Estranho de um Mundo Perdido, X - tuntematon, X the Unknown, Het onbekende, X - okänd, X contro il centro atomico

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