Recovering from a failed love affair, Shiyori and best friend Aiko head to the country. But they soon discover that the tranquil village is the home of a cult with a fetish for cutting off female legs. They try to escape but are split up and keep in touch via mobile phone. But will they meet a grisly end?

Also Known As: X-Cross, XX

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  • mason-van-bentheim
    mason van bentheim

    X-CROSS is a weird little Japanese action flick, clearly shot on a low budget. It makes up for the deficiency of the budget by injecting a whole lot of wacky craziness and enthusiasm for the subject matter, in much the same way as a film like VERSUS, although it’s a far cry from that sort of material.The problem with X-CROSS is the story, which feels dragged-out and long-winded. There’s not a great deal of plot once the initial premise is out of the way: a couple of girls travel to a remote village to partake in the hot springs there as a means of spiritual refreshment and relaxation. Unfortunately, the village just so happens to be home to a murderous cult. Who can they trust and will they escape?Basically, this is one long chase movie, shot in the dark and with typical Japanese weirdness. Some of the plot elements are a lot of fun, like the crazy girl with the giant pair of scissors who seems intent on slaughtering our heroines, but other elements, like all of the mobile phone mystery sub-plots, are overdone and drag out a bit. The execution is also only so-so – on the strength of this and BATTLE ROYALE 2, director Kenta Fukasaku is no match for the talents of his superior father.

  • ene-miller
    ene miller

    I almost feel bad about not liking X Cross all that much. Its not that its an impeccably crafted film that I simply don’t enjoy, no sense of guilt here, but for a film feted by most reviewers as great fun and pretty righteous stuff, it had little impact on me. Two girls head to a remote mountain village for hot springs and relaxation, one has recently suffered a bad breakup and her more free-wheeling friend is with her to help cheer her up. Unfortunately the village is home to a crazed cult with bad things in mind… It’s a nifty set-up and for the first half hour or so the film looks as if it’ll power up into a neat little suspenseful chase film, but this never quite materialises. The big problem is that while the film handles its build up well, the townsfolk are never menacing and their appearances or scenes of pursuit are never well directed. What should be pulse pounding stuff is simply a big fat meh, and excitement is mostly provided by a subplot involving a very angry lady with over-sized scissors and a grudge against the heroines friend. These scenes are a lot of fun and have all the action and dynamism that seems absent from the cult encounters. Fortunately, though director Kenta Fukasaku may be flawed in this respect, he does seem to have inherited some of his dads playful style and flair for intrigue. There are perspective shifts a-plenty, fast rewinds and intertitles, plus shifting loyalties and twisting character motivations, which combined with the fast pace give the film a fairly compelling grip that works beyond its actual quality. Plus Ami Suzuki and Nao Matsushita are pretty decent as the two leads, Matsushita as the disheartened Shiyori and Suzuki as her outgoing yet somewhat insensitive and inconsiderate pal. The setting works well too, a sense of uncanny semi luxury what with the remote location, hot springs and multitude of picturesque cabins, though the best moments of the film occur in a toilet and a junkyard. Handy set designs, workable atmosphere, everything is set up just right but the film remains resolutely a damp squib outside of the aforementioned scissor-lady. Its never bad exactly, just weak, though it has a few fine spots and a suitably wacky ending that goes out on just the right note. So altogether, about a 5/10 or so. Maybe I’ll like it more on a second view, but for now its simply pretty average.

  • emilia-guardiola
    emilia guardiola

    I watched this movie as a part of the “Focus Asia Nights” Film festival weekend in Stuttgart in autumn 2007. And although you kinda can tell that this will be over the top (Horror/comedy), I never felt that it hit the right notes. Not that it was completely bad (turkey), but it just missed out on a few things … not to mention the craziest plot changes and “surprises” up til the end.On the other side, it had some great (funny) ideas, that worked. Sometimes as a running gag, sometimes just one good laugh or action scene. But while the movie couldn’t decide which direction it’ll take (action, Horror, Comedy), you might get bored a little (especially if you get to see things that happened twice)! The plot is so crazy that it really wouldn’t be a spoiler to say anything about it (it’s not about the plot anyway), but I’ll leave you with a word of advice: Don’t watch the movie, if you’re not prepared for something completely “different”

  • wolfgang-fischer-bauer
    wolfgang fischer bauer

    Kenta Fukasaku isn’t the most focused of film makers. So, with film dealing with multiple narratives around the same time, it’s a jumpy and patchy horror that could have been told straight. Still, it allows him to chop up some bits and pieces and assemble some moments that would seem obscure otherwise. Mainly, the scissor wielding woman whose presence is enjoyable, but befuddling. The rest of the film is a Wicker-Man with cellphones, which is interesting, but leaves you wondering why the police aren’t phoned more often/at all. The performances are suitable and sometimes border on emotional, which adds to the scenes of real horror. Towards the end the pace levels out but remains furious.

  • gregory-mills-dvm
    gregory mills dvm

    “X-Cross” sort of surprised me, as I had assumed it would be another one of those countless gory splatter movies that have made it out of Japan in the recent years. However, “X-Cross” was far from it. It was actually a really great suspense/horror movie.The story is about Shiyori (played by Nao Matsushita) and Aiko (played by Ami Suzuki) who travel to hot springs located at a very remote village. But things are not all as they seem; not in the village, not with the people, not with the friendship. Shiyori and Aiko find themselves stranded in a remote village with no one but themselves to trust, or can they?I found the story to be really great because it builds up the suspense so nicely, letting the story brood and seep in, then flash back and show you other sides of occurring events. Now that was a thing I thoroughly enjoyed about the movie, it was so nicely done, and it really unravelled my theories by shedding new light on situations that I just saw in the movie. And the plot kept shifting, so it was not possible to predict what was happening or what was going to happen. The ending of the movie, well that was really bad, in my opinion. I didn’t care for that ending at all. Actually the entire movie was great, but the last 20 to 30 minutes was sort of fighting an uphill battle, the movie started slipping during that time and becoming anti-climatic and just downright stupid.The people they had cast for the various roles in “X-Cross” were actually doing good jobs with their given roles, and the characters were really fleshed out as believable and realistic. Well, what happened to Reiko was just a bit too much, it was so over the top that it stopped being realistic.”X-Cross” has a really good mood to it, the environment was well used, and you sit with a sensation of being trapped and isolated out in the woods, so they managed to capture the right setting for the movie.So looking away from the last 20 to 30 minutes of the movie, then I found “X-Cross” to be a really nice movie, and it was nicely build up leaving you guessing as to whom did what and who can be trusted, then only to completely unravel your theories as you are given new bits and pieces of information.The IMDb genres labeled to this movie are action, adventure and comedy. That kind of makes me wonder, because I didn’t find the movie to be that at all.

  • univ-prof-ivan-carlsen
    univ prof ivan carlsen

    Came in with low expectations to find that this movie really works. It is sold as ‘horror’ but it’s really not. Sure there’s a village that wants to sacrifice these 2 girls to their god, but it’s not really ‘horror’ at all. The movie unfolds as an action/suspense movie really as the two leads are separated minutes into the movie and then we have follow their survival paths and see where they continually almost link up. It sounds cliché almost, but really it works. There’s no body count, no gore, just an old fashioned “who’s betrayed me” plot while running from the masses. And I actually did NOT figure out whodunit and was nicely surprised when it all unfolded.

  • horvath-peterne-kiss-klara
    horvath peterne kiss klara

    Not bad, not bad at all. Great horror movie. Lets start with the setting. High Budget Japanese Horror Movie, the setting is very nice even the use of fog made it look a bit better and colorful. The acting, okay good? The atmosphere, not too scary but nice. The direction, perfect!! But the real entertainment was the Crazy Bitch holding a large pair of scissors. Now thats what I call a cult movie. The monsters, the priest and the ugly dwarfs made this movie entertaining. But it didn’t received a 9 or 10? Well, because it repeats. I don’t want to spoil the movie, again. But I recommend it to everyone. Rent it or buy it. Its your choice.

  • cantemir-puscasu
    cantemir puscasu

    Now unless you completely know nothing about this film You probably know this movie has it all. Laughes, scares, action and best of all… LOLITA GIRLS WITH GIANT PAIRS OF SCISSORS! The great thing is the movie did a great job of blending them all into each other without it seeming too out of the baseball field (well for J-horror anyway) The actors Suit their roles like a glove in appearance and mannerisms and the sets where Spot on. Now this movie has a habit of rewinding and showing you the same story through a new perspective. now some have complained about it being repetitive but rarely does it repeat anything exactly the same. Every time it does you see what was going on in the story from another view and it works perfect! Now why not a 10? because though i loved it sometimes the support actors kinda… killed it just a tad.

  • rafael-scharroo
    rafael scharroo

    I saw this film at the Los Angeles Film Festival, not knowing what to expect, and I was really pleased. The closest comparison I can think of is EVIL DEAD 2. X-Cross hits the perfect blend of horror and comedy. Few films can both deliver the scares and the laughs the way this film does. I admit, this film won’t be for everyone. The plot doesn’t really go from A to B. And the visual comedy might be too over-the-top for some viewers. The comedy also has a kind of absurdist edge that could leave some mainstream viewers shaking their heads in confusion. But if absurd comedy suits your tastes you’re likely to be very impressed.The film also just looks beautiful. Set in a mist-shrouded mountain vacation village in rural Japan, this film doesn’t have a frame that’s not amazing to look at.Overall one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time.

  • zhenia-goginashvili
    zhenia goginashvili

    This movie is more of a action-comedy than horror. In fact, it’s only scary for the first 10 minutes, then it turns into this action-packed survival game so outrageous that it made me laugh through the movie.The plot is simple, a girl takes a female friend to a hot-spring resort to cheer her up from a breakup. It turns out to be the village of a cult-like tribe with a ritual that involves chopping off young women’s legs. They also encounter a psycho Lolita woman seeking revenge for losing her boyfriend.This movie is not meant to be taken seriously. The setting of this film is ridiculously unrealistic, but the sequence of events is uncovered and explained very well. If you look past the unlikeliness of the original setting, this movie’s plot makes sense and there were no major plot holes other than Suzuki Ami’s character being abnormally strong and villagers abnormally weak (but I guess that’s intentionally done for comedy).Suzuki Ami’s action sequence against “the scissors girl” Reika was really exciting and cool. It really hit the spot for a huge Suzuki Ami fan like me. Matsushita Nao’s acting has been extremely corny in every movie and TV dramas I’ve seen until now, but she seemed surprisingly natural and fit the role very well. She may have a hidden talent as a horror actress.As a action-comedy film, this movie is really well made. Action/CG/SFX were all quite nice, and it was a really exciting suspense movie. Sit back, don’t think, and enjoy the ride.