A band of bank robbers on the run from a posse flee into the desert. Near death from lack of water they stumble into what appears to be a ghost town, only to discover an old prospector and his granddaughter living there. The robbers discover that the old man has been mining gold and set out to make a quick fortune by robbing the pair. Their plan runs foul when the gang leader, Stretch, falls for the granddaughter, which sets off a showdown between the entire gang.

Also Known As: Cielo giallo, Oi 7 paranomoi, Nevada, Nevada West, Cer galben, Præriens banditter, 廃墟の群盗, Zuto nebo, Den forladte by, Κίτρινος ουρανός, Céu Amarelo, A Cidade Abandonada, Cerul galben, La ville fantôme, Glühende Erde, Yellow Sky, Жълто небе, Herrin der toten Stadt West, Cielo amarillo, Herrin der toten Stadt, Жёлтое небо Soviet, La ville abandonnée, Desperados, Polttava aurinko, Droga do Yellow Sky

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