Harbouring an ardent desire to be the best in the cut-throat world of hairdressers, the Mossad’s finest agent, Zohan, seizes the opportunity to call it quits by faking his death, after a fierce battle with his arch-nemesis, Phantom. In high hopes of making his dream come true in New York, the ambitious Zohan lands a job in the stylish hair salon of the beautiful Palestinian, Dalia, and things seem to work as planned; until a man from the past blows his cover. Now, the Zohan must fight tooth and nail to keep his new lifestyle, and in the meantime, try to win the heart of his boss. Can Zohan’s dazzling hairstyling techniques save the world?

Also Known As: Зохан: Стилист от запаса, Zohan, Не займайте Зохана, No te metas con Zohan, Zohan: Krycie meno kaderník, Ne szórakozz Zohannal!, Ne kači se sa Zohanom, Nie zadzieraj z fryzjerem, Leg dich nicht mit Zohan an, Zohan - Tutte le donne vengono al pettine, Ikke krøll med Zohan, Ζόχαν: Πράκτορας υψηλής κομμωτικής, On ne rigole pas avec le Zohan, Zohan: Praktoras ypsilis kommotikis, Zohan je zakon!, Zohan'a Bulasma, Rien que pour vos cheveux, Zohan: lupa saksia, Dajte si pozor na Zohana, Zohan: eriväelasest juuksur, Não te Metas com o Zohan, Rangeela Zohan, Zohan: Krycí jméno kaderník Czech, Zohan: O Agente Bom de Corte, Jiddra inte med Zohan, Zohan je zakon, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Не шутите с Zоханом!, Zohan: Licencia para peinar, Agent Zohan

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