Harbouring an ardent desire to be the best in the cut-throat world of hairdressers, the Mossad’s finest agent, Zohan, seizes the opportunity to call it quits by faking his death, after a fierce battle with his arch-nemesis, Phantom. In high hopes of making his dream come true in New York, the ambitious Zohan lands a job in the stylish hair salon of the beautiful Palestinian, Dalia, and things seem to work as planned; until a man from the past blows his cover. Now, the Zohan must fight tooth and nail to keep his new lifestyle, and in the meantime, try to win the heart of his boss. Can Zohan’s dazzling hairstyling techniques save the world?

Also Known As: Зохан: Стилист от запаса, Zohan, Не займайте Зохана, No te metas con Zohan, Zohan: Krycie meno kaderník, Ne szórakozz Zohannal!, Ne kači se sa Zohanom, Nie zadzieraj z fryzjerem, Leg dich nicht mit Zohan an, Zohan - Tutte le donne vengono al pettine, Ikke krøll med Zohan, Ζόχαν: Πράκτορας υψηλής κομμωτικής, On ne rigole pas avec le Zohan, Zohan: Praktoras ypsilis kommotikis, Zohan je zakon!, Zohan'a Bulasma, Rien que pour vos cheveux, Zohan: lupa saksia, Dajte si pozor na Zohana, Zohan: eriväelasest juuksur, Não te Metas com o Zohan, Rangeela Zohan, Zohan: Krycí jméno kaderník Czech, Zohan: O Agente Bom de Corte, Jiddra inte med Zohan, Zohan je zakon, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Не шутите с Zоханом!, Zohan: Licencia para peinar, Agent Zohan

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  • ilario-russo
    ilario russo

    This movie had one or two funny parts but that’s it. Most of the laughter was uncomfortable laughter. It was insulting to so many different groups of people that I can’t believe it was even made. It is not acceptable for kids younger than 17. There are too many sexual jokes and innuendos and unacceptable sexual situations. It makes Isreali men look like they want to hump every woman they meet and disco every where they go. The first time in the movie it was a little funny but after it was in every scene, it became tedious. Most kids wouldn’t enjoy the movie or think it was funny anyway. They just wouldn’t understand most of the jokes. For example the inept Palestinians keep calling the Hezbollah hot-line and get a recording with options such as “to order terrorist supplies press”, etc. Most kids don’t really understand or appreciate the humor in this. My friend brought her 13 and 10 year-old and had to leave the movie. The only redeemable parts were when the Palestinians and Isrealis come together in the end but it wasn’t enough to save the movie. My husband thought it inappropriate to be joking about terrorism at all. We demanded and got our money back.

  • aldis-purmals
    aldis purmals

    Well given that I am a huge fan of Sandler but an even bigger fan of Star Wars, imagine my surprise when I chose this over the Clone Wars! Well I wasn’t let down! Once again we are given a (kind of slapstick) comedy from Adam Sandler that has enough heart to make you care about the characters, and enough story that you feel that the movie is going somewhere.While there was plenty of material to entertain adults and the like i.e. sex jokes, references to other movies and politics, there was also enough visual comedy to keep younger viewers entertained e.g. silly fight scenes and animal jokes.While the cinema was mixed with very different ages, I disaproved with parents taking very young children to see this movie, as the sex humour was very raunchy, funny, but not for young kids.Would be a good date movie! Otherwise, it’s just a great night out at the flicks.

  • augustas-zukauskas
    augustas zukauskas

    What has happened to Adam Sandler? Billy Madison is one of my all-time favorite comedies, the romance-inclined Wedding Singer is fantastic, and his forays into serious fare—Punch-Drunk Love and Reign Over Me—have shown the talent hidden beneath the 5-year old trapped in a 40-year old body routine. As far as his production company’s new work goes, in my opinion, a lot is left to be desired. Sadly, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan does nothing to alleviate those feelings. Yes the trailer looked absolutely horrible, but I still held hope that something would click and give me an enjoyable experience once again. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely laughed throughout, it’s just that those laughs were more out of embarrassment for those on screen and because if I didn’t chuckle at the asinine events, I would have needed to walk out from boredom. It appears that the Judd Apatow name means zilch when attached to a film he does not deem important enough to direct himself. This one is marginally better than Walk Hard, his last script helper, but not by much.The concept at hand has some potential. With an utterly preposterous sub-plot involving Sandler’s Israeli Mossad agent faking his death in a fight with the leading Palestinean terrorist in the Middle East so that he can come to America and live his dream of being a hairstylist, you won’t be thinking anything will be learned by watching. However, there are some moments that shed some criticism to the fight in the Middle East over land and religion as well as bringing up issues of compromise and acceptance for success in the US. As one Israeli says, he has just as hard a time fitting in as the Arabs…because Americans confuse him as one. These two sides look similar, speak similar, and hold a large amount of national pride, containing a lot more in common than the war would like to admit. Leave it to Sandler and company to lambaste these moments with absurdity and broad humor, sending up the issue while also shining light on it although in a very dumbed down manner. Would I have liked more of this and less sexual innuendo? I don’t really think it would have helped any.Right from the start we are shown what to expect—physical humor, sight gags, and obnoxiously drawn out sequences that start out funny yet finally fall flat. If the craziness leaves any mark it’s the fact that Sandler got in pretty good shape for this role. Did he do so because of the script, or did he write it all to show off? Unnecessarily gratuitous shots of his backside, complete with fish and hacky sacks finding their way there, only made me hope that some real comedy was coming soon. Instead what we get is an abundance of Hummus, horrible fake accents (I need to believe these were purposely bad, especially Chris Rock’s), and as many allusions to Sandler’s Scrappy Coco satisfying the elderly clientele he cuts hair for as possible. There are some surprises, such as the truth to what is in his shorts as well as the plethora of cameos straight from left field (Dave Matthews?!), but for the most part, it is a completely obvious string of random events tied together with a thin plot line that really is secondary to the set-pieces and toilet humor.While the sex jokes got old really fast—how many times can he hump the women and spray water suggestively before our smiles turn to yawns—the ethnic ones had a bit more life. Hummus as a universal food aside, I did find the random disco moments and Mariah Carey t-shirts humorous for the most part and the faulty Hezbollah phone line is priceless. Rob Schneider and John Turturro are over-the-top hams as always, actually a positive thing, never taking the roles seriously. Even Sandler, for what it’s worth, plays the part well. The racial stereotypes definitely trump anything on display throughout; the writers involved holding nothing back and having no shame at all. And Emmanuelle Chriqui is absolutely gorgeous and likable, playing a similar role to her part on “Entourage,” with the addition of a bad accent.After all the headshaking and prayers for the film to either get better or just end, it is the supporting cast that leaves the only real indelible mark. The surprise cameos are just too many to mention and for the most part successful across the board. While the Zohan is a one-note joke beaten to death, those surrounding him attempt to infuse a little variety. Unfortunately the final result reminds me more of a recent Saturday Night Live skit, containing a funny premise and then killing it by not knowing when to stop while ahead. Even after seeing the foot fight in the trailers, the actual scene was still pretty hilarious. But what do the filmmakers do? Oh yes, they use the gimmick a few more times, including a sad, extended sequence in a fight scene at the end concerning new shoes, squeezing any laughter that might have still remained out way too early.

  • kailaash-agrvaal
    kailaash agrvaal

    Let me just say, I am a big Adam Sandler fan. I love and find most of his movies funny. This one was not. The jokes were lame, and way too crude for a pg-13 rating. I just kept thinking my daughter was watching this two seats away, and I felt uncomfortable with the many reverences to sex. It lasted two hours but didn’t have two hours of comedy material. It felt preachy about tried to teach tolerance when it came to people from the middle east but came off unbelievably stupid. I find it strange how great comedy writers like Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow could produce such a piece of crap! I wouldn’t waste your time on this one. Or wait till it hits H.B.O.

  • yuri-nunes
    yuri nunes

    The story line was crappy as hell. I felt like falling asleep. The only 3 times you saw the bad guy, he wasn’t acting suspicious. It really made me reconsider going to see another Adam Sandler movie. Zohan is basically another continuation of his character in “Click.” Except with more raunchy behavior. No one really wants to watch (or listen to for that matter)Zohan do a 75 year old lady. Some of the scenes were put in order that didn’t make sense and many of the scenes were not even needed. I honestly don’t think I laughed once. There is no other way to describe You Don’t Mess With The Zohan than just another movie with humor like Epic Movie. No one could drag me to go see it again.

  • cuman-bahittin-hayrioglu
    cuman bahittin hayrioglu

    i really enjoy this one every time i watch it….maybe i did that for like 10 times now..don t get me wrong i do like Cohen brothers movies as much as any good movie except titanic – romance type – but this one succeeds to bring a smile on my face every single time i watch it .Go see it …. enter the mood … feel happy like a goat fetching a soap..or soup and silky smooth. this is not about Sandler … i am not happy about his roles in some other movies well except a few of them, but about the atmosphere, the fresh air that this movie is trying to bring. Everybody from the Hebrew to the Arabs they are very skillfully portrayed / the actors, the script – they are beautiful. Again – go see it – you won t regret it

  • pan-adam-biesek
    pan adam biesek

    While it has some funny moments. It has a lot less.It’s one of those movies that would have been great in 1998. But falls short in 2008. Its just the same gimmick that has been done by ‘Happy Madison Productions’.Reminds me of: Chuck and Larry, Strange Wilderness, The Benchwarmers, Dickie Roberts, 50 first dates, Etc.It’s just well…..for lack of a better word. Stupid. It might have you grabbing your sides in 98′, but when you watch it, its somewhat like, “OK, let me guess, Rob Schneider is going to pop up and say something dumb with a ‘pause for laughter’ moment?” Yup.Is Sandler going to do a stupid voice the whole movie and end on a ‘touching theme’?. Yup.Acting is good, I will give it that. However, if you have seen any Adam Sandler movie, then you won’t be surprised with his acting choices. Same choices, different accent.Nothing against Sandler, his movies were great…….in 98’I’d wait for DVD,…if that.

  • oystein-hagen-moe
    oystein hagen moe

    I just saw the pre-screening of this movie last night, and take it from me, this is one of the BEST Adam Sandler movies ever. It’s not his typical fare, as his character does not resemble his typical persona at all, but it is definitely shoulders above much of his work in the past. Absolutely on the level on movies such as Happy Gilmore, maybe better in its own way. Now don’t get me wrong, all of the humor is juvenile and the movie is certainly not going to win any Oscars, but expect people to be quoting it left and right, cause nearly every line is hilarious. Look out for this movie guys, cause its going to be a hit, without a doubt.

  • makar-lemeshko
    makar lemeshko

    “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan” is the newest regurgitated $hitfest unleashed upon us by the brilliant minds of comedian Adam Sandler and director Dennis Dugan. The movie chronicles the absurd, zany story of Zohan Dvir, a ridiculously offensive special agent of an Isralei counter-terrorism organization known as the “Mossad”. His extraordinarily stupid fake accent and personality that would insult the intelligence of an eleven year old give the writers, (Adam Sandler, Judd Apatow, and SNL writer Robert Smigel) the framework to create a movie that is incomprehensibly bad. The movie begins with Zohan in his home country doing stupid $hit, which is what he does pretty much for the entire movie. As the movie scrapes along, you’re pondering what the hell “Zohan” is even supposed to be. “How does he have super powers?” “Is he a superhero?” “Why the hell am I watching this?” “Why does Adam Sandler always have to play the role of a super savvy cool-guy when the only reason anyone really liked “Happy Gilmore”, “Billy Madison”, “Bulletproof”, “The Wedding Singer”, “Big Daddy”, “Little Nicky”, or “Mr. Deeds” is because of his supporting cast?” “Why can’t Adam Sandler play a pedophile addicted to methamphetamines who is married to a retarded homosexual and spends his free time wiping his ass with an American Flag?” Veiled behind the facade of a retarded accent, a stupid haircut, and a constant beating of dick jokes, narrow minded cultural references, and pretty much anything else that would annoy anyone with a shred of dignity, Zohan expresses aspirations of becoming a hair stylist {in which he will make people s’ hair “silky smooth”(which he repeats at least SEVEN times before the movie ends and you stop wishing to stick your head in an oven for watching this hideous abomination), which is another stupid idiosyncrasy of every single Adam Sandler movie in the past nine years, which is including a “subtle” reference to one of his older movies, which the writers apparently think is cute}. After a literal five minute long homosexual joke, he moves to America.Not long after his arrival,(in,…you guessed it… NEW YORK CITY!!!, where every single movie ever made takes place) he finally achieves his goal of becoming a hairstylist. Nearly an hour into the movie, a bit of plot is finally revealed (the time between had to be used as filler for Adam Sandler tea bagging at least twenty different characters and further humiliating himself into oblivion). Zohans’ arch enemy, Palestinian terrorist leader Phantom (John Turturro), reveals himself. Apparently, he is also a superhero like Zohan. There are several scenes illogically strewn together depicting Zohan doing some more stupid $hit and further cementing this movie as being the most racist mainstream movie ever made that the American public completely ignores because they’re too dense to be able to comprehend anything that isn’t expressed explicitly. When there’s about a half hour left in the movie (I’m probably not correct on the time frame because I was trying my hardest not to pay attention to the movie for fear that the movie would have pulled me into the depths of insanity, so try to bare with it), Zohan enlists the help of socialite millionaires to aid him in his battle against Phantom. Among these people is Michael Buffer, the famous boxing announcer. I’m still in awe of the throngs of people who were dragged screaming into this fiasco. But I’m still frustrated because of the relentless cameos. Seriously, it is not necessary in any movie. I know that I’m skipping around the plot a bit, but I am trying not to think too much about this movie. At the end of the movie, the Palestinians led by Phantom and the Israelis led by Zohan have an ultra explosion-filled showdown in the streets of New York as the result of some idiotic subplot regarding Rob Schneiders’affinity for his goat (because every single person who lives in the middle east who isn’t a terrorist is a goat farmer), some other retarded subplot, and some other retarded subplot. The movie predictably ends with each group realizing their differences and learning to love each other. There. I spoiled the entire movie for you because it really doesn’t matter.In the midst of all of the racism, sexism, xenophobia, and pretty much every other idiotic antisocial American sentiment that entrenched this travesty of a film, there is one notion for me that resides over all others. It is the fact that the creators of this movie actually thought that they were making a good movie. To me that is mind boggling. Overall, I give this movie a 2 out of 10 because there were a total of three times when I chuckled at the movie. It’s a pretty bad ratio because the movie has to have the record of most attempts at trying to make its audience laugh. However, it was agonizing to watch, so I’ll give it a 1 out of spite.

  • sebastian-fredrik-brekke
    sebastian fredrik brekke

    To comment on this movie, there are two main sides: First one would be Adam Sandler, I have always liked his movies, for the light kind of comedy he presents, you watch and you laugh but you don’t expect to come out of the movie with a deeper message or something remotely philosophic to think about, I find that when Adam Sandler tries to go deep, his movies become quite depressing and nonsensical, “Click” quickly comes to mind.The thing about the Zohan, is that I laughed a lot in some parts, but I find his affairs with the older ladies to be a bit repetitive and leaning towards downright BORING. Also the crude language and the oh-too-much “crotch” view makes it quite impossible to let your kids watch the movie, which is a pity, because I find the hilarious fight scenes and the Zohan’s “supernatural” cool stunts would have been fun for kids to watch.Second point of view would be from an Arab point of view; I started watching this movie, preparing myself to get offended, and mind you I am a very broad minded person … However, I was pleasantly surprised, for the first time in my life I see a movie that does not picture Arabs as animal-like, heartless, brainless killing machines. They are just people, trying to make a living, even the avenging one has a reason, the Zohan stole his goat.Watching this movie, I tried to forget that I am an Arab, and I see that it is portraying – in a very silly and somehow inaccurate way – two opposing sides, and suggesting that they stop fighting, get over their differences to see that they are in fact similar.The movie makers get my personal “thank you” for that, it is no different than watching a movie about the conflict between “black” and “white” people after the civil war, or about Americans and Japanese directly after WWII, there is no prejudices against Arabs here.For the very first time, someone has discovered that Arabs are human beings too. So THANK YOU.

  • consuelo-villalba-macias
    consuelo villalba macias

    I can’t believe the amount of people slagging off this movie. If you didn’t want to see what you saw, why did you go see it? I think some people have their genres confused when they start talking about ‘shedding light on conflict’ blah blah. What the hell? It’s an Adam Sandler movie not Schindler’s list.It’s not the greatest flick there ever was, but it did give me a great laugh! So what if the humor is silly? Most of his movies have an ample dosage of silly that I for one thoroughly appreciate! I think Don’t Mess with the Zohan is best seen knowing nothing about it and having no expectations. Therefore I’m not going to tell you the whole story aside from the ending like so many people. It’s not about the story anyway.In short, to those that appreciate humor of the Adam Sandler/Will Ferrel brand.Get into it!–Also for the ladies, Adam Sandler looks so very HOT in this!

  • jumyeongja

    Adam Sandler somehow succeeds in bring us another hilarious comedy. I confess his humour in this film is a bit crude and outrageously yucky but still its was very funny and the whole audience was drawn into the silly humour and had a great belly laugh.Adam plays a disillusioned but much loved Israeli Mossad Hero Zohan who secretly harbours a desire to be a great fashion hairdresser. The israeli government sends him on a mission to “take out” his arch rival Palestinian terrorist “The Phantom” played by John Turturro. After scenes of barbecue fish grilling with special buttock serving acrobatics Zohan throws himself into battle with the Phantom.Zohan uses this battle to fake his own death and smuggles himself to New York. The phantom becomes a cult hero in Palestine and opens a “Falafel” franchise of takeaway stores.Zohan quickly discovers that his early eighties Hair styling and body politic is making him the object of ridicule. His adulating Israeli friends who all work in the traditional American role as Cheap electronics retailing try to assist Zohan achieve his dreams.They get him a job as an assistant hairdresser in a salon run by a beautiful Palestinian women. The Phantom discovers Zohan is still alive and well in New York and the final showdown is set.A wonderful satire about the tragic Middle Eastern conflict that reveals what is often very true that Israelis and Palestinians often have so much in common when they desert the Middle Eastern horrors when finding a new life in America.I think that the film has a positive message for older women disguised in Zohan’s fetishes that are revealed in his struggle to become a great stylist.The Humus and humour gush freely in this schmaltzy little Jewish flavoured film and its worth seeing.I am not a great fan of Sandler but he is slowly winning me over with his silly humour and memorable films.

  • teodoro-gonzales
    teodoro gonzales

    Well, well well. This movie is a real treat. Sure it is over the top, but it is so funny and entertaining you won’t regret buying it and watching it over and over. Rob Schnieder is in it and is even funnier than his role in water boy and all other roles combined! John Tuturo is the arch rival of Sandler in the film, and is very funny. Of all the Sandler films, I rate this one as his best, with water boy a close second. I would even add a star if you are from NY or California where the stereotypes in the movie are very realistic. There are funny appearances from many Saturday Night Talents such as Chris Rock and Kevin N. and Mariah Carey is funny as well. Life is too short to sweat this purchase, buy it, enjoy it and get some well needed laughter in a world that takes itself much too seriously.

  • maciej-lison
    maciej lison

    You Don’t Mess With the Zohan (2008): Dir: Dennis Dugan / Cast: Adam Sandler, Jon Turturro, Emmanuelle Chrique, Rob Schneider, Nick Swardson: Hilarious film about achieving your goals in a different destination. Adam Sandler plays Zohan, an Israeli counter terrorist who fakes his own death, only to embark on his dream in America as a hair stylist. While formula in structure director Dennis Dugan creates his best film to date after having made such embarrassments as Big Daddy and Problem Child. The terrorist jokes are hilarious but the sexual jokes are more stomach turning than funny. Sandler creates one of his best comic characters. Zohan desires to start new and reinvent himself with a more positive image. Jon Turturro steals scenes as a terrorist who secretly desires to be a shoe salesman. Emmanuelle Chriqui plays Zohan’s love interest in what first gets drown in formula romantic clichés until a secret is revealed that adds a peaceful spin on the circumstance. Rob Schneider is hilarious as a Palestinian cab driver who holds a grudge against Zohan after losing his goat. He will inform Turturro of his whereabouts although that gains him even less respect. Nick Swardson plays a friend whom Zohan hooks up with and like anything Swardson does, he fails to be normal. Lots of gravity defying special effects are featured throughout as well as a message of starting over. Score: 9 / 10

  • pani-kornelia-pacia
    pani kornelia pacia

    I’ve been a fan of Adam Sandler for much of my life. . . all the way back to his SNL and ‘Airheads’ days. I’ve seen him go through many phases, from some great films like ‘Punch-Drunk Love,’ ‘Reign Over Me,’ and ‘Big Daddy’ to some of his lower-end films like ‘Eight Crazy Nights’ and ‘Little Nicky.’ ‘You Don’t Mess With the Zohan’ is not one of his best films, but it’s still enjoyable. Personally, I’d place it along the comedic quality of ‘Billy Madison’. . . contains mostly sight gags and juvenile humour. But, c’mon. . . sometimes that’s what we need. Our world is going to Hell, so shouldn’t we have some relief from the pain and torment we must witness on a daily basis? No. It’s not a great film. But it’s funny and stupid and entertaining. And that’s the reason to see it. . . don’t expect a comedic masterpiece like ‘His Girl Friday’ or ‘Forrest Gump.’ Expect what the film actually as and accept it as such. . . if it’s not for you, then it wasn’t MEANT for you.Final verdict: 6.5/10.

  • t-at-owl-adishyan
    t at owl adishyan

    You know, sometimes I just don’t understand what the heck is going through Adam Sandler’s head. He’s a funny guy with natural charisma and, I would guess, a reasonable level of intelligence. So why does he feel compelled to write and produce films of such appallingly low quality? It worked with his initial efforts, Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. Those two films defied any sense of logical criticism. They were sloppy, yet contained a maniacal sense of anarchic glee. He seemed thrilled at what he was getting away with. Yet, since the release of those films over a decade ago, he has continued to crank out by-the-numbers mediocrity that lacks any feeling of comic discovery.It is my unfortunate duty now to inform you that his latest, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, is by far his most wretchedly awful film to date. Sandler’s character this time, a Mossad agent who dreams of being a hairdresser, would probably fill a lame Saturday Night Live skit, but stretched to over 100 minutes is akin to Chinese water torture.Zohan isn’t any normal secret agent; he’s a walking caricature of crass Middle Eastern stereotypes and snickering vulgarity. With a Wham!-inspired haircut and a penchant for shtupping elderly women, he finds employment at a small salon run by the sweet, yet blank, Dalia (Emmanuelle Chriqui), a Palestinian woman with no patience for Zohan’s sexism. As can be predicted, despite their antagonistic relationship, they soon are yearning to “make the bam-boom”. Their insipid love story intermingles with a laugh-free subplot featuring Zohan’s nemesis the Phantom (John Turturro) and a hapless Arab cab-driver (Rob Schneider, ladies and gentlemen…) ineptly planning murder attempts.Now, racial stereotyping and crude humor can be used to great comic effect in the proper hands. The makers of Borat toed the line brilliantly, delivering great vulgar hilarity mixed with social commentary. You Don’t Mess With The Zohan is not even in the same time zone, much less ballpark. The film is amazingly hostile and mean-spirited, mocking its targets with unfiltered scorn for the majority of the running time, yet tacking on a “we’re all the same” message at the end. It’s like the school-yard bully who beats the snot out of you all semester but wishes you a good summer at when vacation time rolls around. Why did no one involved in this debacle pull Sandler aside and gently suggest that this material was unfilmable? Also concerning is the amount of animal abuse presented for cheap laughs. There is a particularly soul-killing scene featuring Zohan and two friends playing hacky-sack with a cat. Now, a good writer would use this undeniably objectionable act as a springboard to a larger pay-off. That would redeem the bad taste and warrant the scene’s inclusion. Not here however, where the only apparent joke is that a trio of grown men are kicking the stuffing out of a helpless animal.What is almost fascinating about Zohan is how little interest the screen-writers have in their own story. New story lines are launched at random to replace the ones running out of gas. I couldn’t believe that the introduction of an evil land-developer to the film occurred near the end of the second act. It would seem that writers’ Sandler, Judd Apatow, and Robert Smigel knew that their material was limited and hoped that by padding it liberally, no one would notice. Hence, the heavy helping of crotch close-ups, homophobia, hummus jokes, and dry humping present. As well, the endless cameos come off as desperate and pointless, although it is amusing that Mariah Carey has finally found a fitting companion piece for Glitter.To call You Don’t Mess With The Zohan a misfire is a grand understatement. It’s a dreary trudge through migraine-inducing territory that is all the more unforgivable considering the level of talent involved. There’s an old adage that it takes true skill and artistry to create a truly horrific film, as hacks will only produce bland mediocrity. Well, Zohan is a colossal achievement, a film that will receive endless mentions on “Worst of 2008” lists, and the rants of legions of angry ticket-buyers. With that said though, Sandler may have inadvertently found a point of agreement for Israelis and Palestinians. I think that both sides would agree that You Don’t Mess With The Zohan flat-out SUCKS!

  • georgia-dobre
    georgia dobre

    If your expectations are high going into movies like this, then please, do yourself a favor and never watch a movie again. This is an Adam Sandler movie and we all know what he’s like and what type of humor we’re going to expect…..and this movie is no different.I wanted to laugh, and this movie did just that for me and more! Being from Israel, I found his jokes funny and very witty. I don’t know if none-Israeli’s would find half the jokes funny though. The movie tried to delve into the whole Israeli-Arab conflict, but it doesn’t go deep enough to make much of a point.See the movie if you wanna laugh, A lot, but don’t see it if your looking for a an Oscar movie night.

  • leda-dedoukou
    leda dedoukou

    I have been coming to IMDb for movie reviews for a few years now and have never commented on a movie…until now. I must say that I was personally a bit confused when I saw the rating on this movie. I expected it to be much higher. (currently a 5.8) The theater was packed on the day I went to see this (opening weekend)…and I went with 6 other people. All of us laughed a lot and left the theater talking about how we thought it was a very funny movie. Consistently the remarks were that we didn’t expect it to be so good! The laughs in the theater were very loud and seemed to be coming from throughout the auditorium. Perhaps this humor isn’t for everyone but it never occurred to me until now that there would be so many lower ratings. I say this because I most always feel the reviews here at IMDb are right on and rely upon them for my movie going choices. My wife feels the same way about this…very confused at the lower score. Oh well…each to their own as humor is unique to each individual. My recommendation: For anyone considering this movie…if you like Adam Sandler, over the top sexual humor and just plain weird material….see this movie.

  • jaan-laas
    jaan laas

    Zohan Dvir is a legendary Mossad agent known for his unique skills and indestructible nature but, unlike his current violent job, Zohan’s dream is to become a hairdresser and bless the world with the gift of silky-soft and styled hair. He seems destined to never know this dream though, until he decides to fake his own death during a battle with Palestinian freedom fighter/terrorist The Phantom. One smuggled flight later, Zohan arrives in New York to take up a position at the salon of Paul Mitchell but finds that he cannot just walk into this world of styling and washing. Refusing to work in an electric store, Zohan finds work as a cleaner in a small salon run by a Palestinian woman, where he waits his chance to prove his skills.The unusual title and setting for the characters were enough to make me forget that, ultimately, what I was about to watch was nothing more than an Adam Sandler comedy. You see, mostly, when you come to a Sandler comedy you know what you are going to get and have a feel for whether or not it is your type of thing. Now the quality of his films may vary but generally what he does and how he does it in most films is pretty constant. However, Mossad agents who wish to pursue a dream of hairdressing in the US is not one of his usual themes and somehow I thought this might be more than just an Adam Sandler comedy as I have experienced them in the past.The film itself didn’t allow me to sit in this misconception for very long as from the very start we find ourselves with physical comedy and jokes reliant totally on body parts and sex organs. This continues with ongoing humour drawn from a young man having intercourse with elderly women on a frighteningly regular basis. Of course if I still hadn’t worked it out, then what really reminds me where I am is that the entire film is silly beyond belief but yet also still finds time for a stunning young woman to fall for the main character no matter how arrogant/stupid/unlikable he is – a persistent thread in Sandler films. So, knowing what you are getting into is important but, once there, what does Zohan do for the casual viewer – ie not the audience member who puts Sandler as #1 on the list of all time comedians but rather someone who sees him as, at best, a man who can turn his juvenile comedy into a guilty pleasure. Well, Zohan is not really that funny a film but it just about has enough wild humour and creativity to it to make it quite fun. I was not laughing out loud that often but it did have plenty of amusing moments that made me not hate it – which was a possibility. What helps it is that it throws itself totally into how nonsensical it all is and never really attempts to step away from it, thus maintaining the tone that is knowingly silly and makes it possible for the audience to accept this and not unfairly expect anything more.Of course this does not make it brilliant by any means and the film is still only silly fun and not a hilarious comedy that is accessible to all. Sandler himself throws himself into his role and his accent even if he still has the same crude material as ever. The fact that he makes fun of the Israel/Palestine situation is a move that gives his material a “different” feel but it is essentially a different doorway to the same material. He plays up the silly aspect but of more help is a wonderfully daft Turturro, Schneider and others, who get easy laughs without the need to progress plot. As she did in “In The Mix”, Chriqui concentrates on being light and sexy – not that easy with her accent but she does her basic requirement.Zohan looks like it will be a daring and imaginative comedy but, beyond the basic design of the film the material is pretty much what you would expect from an Adam Sandler film in so much as it is crude, silly and aimed at a teenage market. It is silly and if you are in the mode it is quite fun but if you are looking for anything more than that then you’ll be disappointed. An usual Adam Sandler film, but still very much an Adam Sandler film.

  • shirley-carpenter
    shirley carpenter

    I read over the reviews from other IMDb users and am surprised how many mentioned that this film is “racist” or “insensitive”. It begs the question: Are people going into to ADAM SANDLER films searching for serious or deep social and political commentary? This movie is a comedy and it stars Adam Sandler if you walk into that theater expecting anything except a stupid-funny movie then you need to instead leave the theater to go home and hit yourself in the face with a rock, after all it can’t do more damage to your brain. In the most simple of terms this movie stars Adam Sandler if you do not find him and his over the top antics funny then I would delicately suggest that you do not see his movies as I understand they are not for everyone. To preempt any whining from people saying that “Other Adam Sandler films made me laugh but this one was not the same” let me remind you that the movie you just saw was called You Don’t Mess with the Zohan NOT Happy Gilmore. If you walked into this theater expecting to see Happy Gilmore then again let me remind you that you can actually buy Happy Gilmore on DVD and also there is a rock at home for your face. NEWSFLASH! Movies do have differences from one another and thank heavens they do or the only Adam Sandler movie we would ever have is Happy Gilmore recycled over and over. Finally and perhaps most important of all this movie was never intended to somehow explain or even explore the difficult and tense situation in the Middle East it was not even necessarily supposed to poke fun at it. This movie was supposed to make you laugh. If you laughed and had a good time then who cares? Everyone in the theater with me was laughing through the movie and having a good time. That is what I look for in a comedy so thumbs up Sandler for a fun night out.

  • jordi-donaire-almagro
    jordi donaire almagro

    The critics are out in full force and tearing this movie a new one. I can understand some of the criticism, it’s a brainless comedy chop full of cliché jokes, stereotypes, crude toilet humor, so it’s to be expected that it’s going to receive a lot of negativity.With that said, that’s exactly why I loved this movie so much. I’m a movie buff, have over 2,000 DVDs in my collection. I love virtually every movie genre there is. So, I knew full well what I was getting myself into before I paid my ten dollars and a Coke the size of Zohan’s crotch.What I loved about this movie so much, was that the jokes never stopped coming. I’ve watched all of Sandlers movies, many of them have long breaks of nothing much to get in stitches about. Sandler is the type of actor that I look to for this sort of humor. When you’re having a bad day and want to watch a brainless, popcorn flick that will most likely have you cracking up virtually the entire movie, then I suggest you see this movie as soon as possible.This is another reason why I love Sandler so much. He’s not afraid to push the envelope to garner a laugh. He knows he’s capable of doing a more serious role and have success. I know how good he was in Punch-Drunk Love and Reign Over Me, but he’s very versatile and I can’t complain about an actor with that quality.I gave this a 7 out of 10, I’m not afraid to admit that I liked the Zohan.., and I certainly wouldn’t mess with him!

  • denis-andre
    denis andre

    Look folks, this is ADAM SANDLER we’re talking about here. Yes, this is the same stuff that he was doing ten years ago with “The Waterboy.” Yes, this is the same company that brought us “Happy Gilmore” and “Click.” And yes, while I have aged a bit since I could appreciate the his silliness, there is still a part of me that enjoys the goofy fun that Adam Sandler likes to put on screen. I knew very well coming in to the 7:45 showing of “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” that this was going to be crazy. And sure enough, it was. But you know what, I liked it, my friend liked it, quite a few people in the audience liked it, it was a good time had.Adam Sandler loves to put himself in ridiculous situations. In “Gilmore,” he was a hockey nut with a hidden talent for golf. In “Mr. Deeds,” he became a billionaire overnight. This guy has played football (twice), gone on fifty first dates, paused and sped up his life, and married Kevin James. Now, he’s an Isreali counter-terrorist with a fetish for cutting hair. Oh, and he loves making sexual remarks as much as Borat does. Sound familiar? Thought it did.So how does the humor compare to previous Sandler features? Well, it’s unfocused. Part of the problem is that three writers with different mentalities are writing the script. The silliness comes from Sandler, the raunchy stuff comes from Apatow, and everything else comes from Smigel. Although I found myself laughing at quite a few parts (particularly when the Zohan was on the job as a soldier), there were also a lot of parts where I was thinking to myself “Come on. Another shot of the crotch?” (Or butt, or some other sexual reference) All of these various ingredients have been thrown in together, and the end result is, let’s face it, uneven.But though the movie may have lacked focus, I couldn’t help but have fun with it. You see, unlike “Mr. Deeds” (which I found boring and lame), this film goes whole hog. Sandler and the cast surrounding him do almost everything in their power to make a joke out of something. These guys aren’t sleepwalking through their roles, to the contrary, they’re having a great time putting on a show. It’s contagious. About halfway through the movie, I began to realize the reason I was having fun with the “Zohan” was because this movie essentially gives out an open invitation to enjoy the silliness that was being presented. By the end of the movie, Sandler had done the most outrageous acts I had seen him do since “Happy Gilmore.” And frankly, I think I prefer Sandler when he just tries everything.Fans of Sandler will most likely enjoy this one, non-fans should pass. For what it’s worth, “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” is a good continuation of the act Sandler has put on for us for over a decade now. Worth a Saturday matinée.

  • koba-ch-ixlaze
    koba ch ixlaze

    This movie makes me laugh every single time I watch it. I am very much into the “Slapstick” type of comedy and this movie fits it like a glove. I Have always loved Adam Sandler movies because you always know you will be entertained. I can honestly say that there wasn’t a point where I was watching this movie when I didn’t laugh. If you love comedy WATCH THIS MOVIE you will not be disappointed. I really don’t get why this movie has such a low rating. if you are looking for movies with deeper meanings and mind-blowing plots then by all means find a different movie.BUT….If you want to sit back, relax and laugh until you physically cant anymore then you’ve found your movie. Enjoy 😉

  • semen-shevchenko
    semen shevchenko

    While I’ve never been a -huge- fan of Adam Sandler’s films, I have watched them and laughed throughout most of them. I’m the type of guy who enjoys some slapstick, some raunchy humor, and a lot of zanyness.I went into Zohan not expecting anything but pure frivolous humor. You don’t go into films like this with any expectations, and I think that’s where a lot of the reviewers prior to myself went wrong. They went in expecting to see an evolution of Sandler’s humor, and while I would say that Zohan raised the bar a tad, it’s still Adam Sandler. Yes, it’s going to have a corny ending, a lot of physical humor, and a healthy dose of humor aimed at the more intelligent in the crowd as well.Overall, I couldn’t stop giggling, laughing, and chuckling throughout most of the film. After a long streak of not seeing any humor films, I thought it was the perfect thing to bring me back to comedies. The last few years, especially, have been incredibly lackluster in regards to comedies (if that’s what evolution of the genre is, count me out, by the way), and I found Zohan refreshing.I think another thing a lot of the other reviewers missed, is that the film in no way expected to take itself seriously. The only serious moments were cheesy, predictable, and ultimately corny, which is irony in itself and only contributed to my bemused chuckling. Yes, a lot of the humor bordered on racial stereotyping, there were a lot of over-the-top accents and allusions to the Middle East, so if you’re the type to get touchy about that, feel free to skip. I found it to be a rather hilarious joke on the seriousness that everybody applies to the stereotyping. The stereotyping is, actually, rather fair and towards the end even shows plenty of “good stereotyping” (as accurate as stereotyping ever is, which is to say, rarely).Really, the film laughs at itself. Are there some bum moments? Certainly, but it seems that’s been the case for almost every film I’ve seen in the last few years, but it was grand seeing the cast and crew not try to make this the ‘next great comedy’ and just have a buttload of fun.And if the cast and crew are laughing at themselves (which you can clearly feel through the screen), you can’t help but laugh with them.If you want to spend an hour or two snickering and have an open mind, give Zohan a shot. Don’t expect an evolution of comedy. Don’t expect the bar to be raised, because that’s not what this film was trying to do. It was trying to be ridiculous and make people utter that ever so fantastic groaning-giggle followed by the heart chuckle.Don’t let the other critics fool you, they’ve probably forgotten the meaning of the word ‘satire’.

  • vilcins-valda
    vilcins valda

    I walked into the theater with my brain shut off. And if you enjoy Adam Sandler, you have to. If you go by typical standards, all of Adam Sandler’s movies are absolute garbage. But yet people still love them, I am one of them. I went into this looking to have fun watching a movie, and I did. Yes, it was ridiculous in every possible way, but it was pretty much exactly what I was paying to see, Adam Sandler’s sense of humor running rampant with all of his friends holding down bit parts. If you are looking for a high quality, well thought-out story with twists and turns and an ending that ties it all together and leaves you walking out of the theater satisfied, look elsewhere.But if you aren’t easily offended and are a fan of Adam Sandler’s work, then you’ll have fun with the silky smooth goodness that Zohan brings to the table.