Throughout history, tales of chivalry have burnished the legends of brave, handsome knights who rescue fair damsels, slay dragons and conquer evil. But behind many a hero is a good-for-nothing younger brother trying just to stay out of the way of those dragons, evil and trouble in general. As two princes on a daring mission to save their land, they must rescue the heir apparent’s fiancée before their kingdom is destroyed. Thadeous (McBride) has spent his life watching his perfect older brother Fabious (Franco) embark upon valiant journeys and win the hearts of his people. Tired of being passed over for adventure, adoration and the throne, he’s settled for a life of wizard’s weed, hard booze and easy maidens. But when Fabious’ bride-to-be, Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel), gets kidnapped by the evil wizard Leezar (Justin Theroux), the king gives his deadbeat son an ultimatum: Man up and help rescue her or get cut off. Half-assedly embarking upon his first quest, Thadeous joins Fabious to trek across the perilous outlands and free the princess. Joined by Isabel (Natalie Portman)-an elusive warrior with a dangerous agenda of her own-the brothers must vanquish horrific creatures and traitorous knights before they can reach Belladonna. If Thadeous can find his inner hero, he can help his brother prevent the destruction of his land. Stay a slacker, and not only does he die a coward, he gets front row seats to the dawn of an all-new Dark Ages.

Also Known As: ¿Su alteza?, Una loca aventura medieval, Храбрые перцем, Your Highness, Your Highness - Schwerter, Joints und scharfe Bräute, Ваше височество, Vaše visočanstvo, Sua Maestà, Teie kõrgeausus, Princ a prudas Czech, Real Desatino, Wasza wysokość, Votre majesté, Király!, Caballeros, princesas y otras bestias, Sua Alteza?, Vitez in sitnež, Maria ta, Kafadar Prensler, Siga ta... galazia aimata, Jusu nesvankybe

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  • sally-houston
    sally houston

    I’ve never seen a bad movie starring Natalie Portman — until now. This is by far the worst movie I’ve seen so far this year. It was a complete waste of time. If you think things like minotaur penises being worn as necklaces is funny, then this movie may be for you. It’s chock full of that level of material. Contrary to other reviewers here, I didn’t find a single thing funny in the movie. Can’t cut off a minotaur’s horn, so sever his penis for a souvenir instead. Bwahahahah! NOT!So was there anything positive in this movie? Sure, but nothing to make the movie worth watching. We get to see Natalie Portman from behind diving into a pool wearing nothing but a chastity belt. A couple special effects were kind of cool. For example, a sort of muppet-operated character smoking a bong had a head that was animated in a sort of way that could have been his psychedelic visions projecting through his skull. On the other hand, some of the CGI was pixellated — swarms of something were flying around in an unrealistic-looking grid. Overall, the effects were good.If it weren’t for the very good sound and the decent effects, the movie would have looked like a bunch of college kids getting together and horsing around at some Renaissance festival. (yawn)

  • tracey-wood
    tracey wood

    Waste of time and money. I regret that I watched this movie and wasted my time on it. I didn’t laugh even once. Watching this movie you are constantly subjected to distasteful sexual “jokes”, gore, violence and the worst part is that it’s not even funny as I think it was meant to be.What a waste of time and money to make such an awkward movie with such a poor story. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, which is why I was compelled to make a review just to save others from the misery of watching this movie.I wonder how one could accept to participate in the production of this movie reading the screenplay, which is written by a sick and perverse mind.

  • martin-horak
    martin horak

    It takes a lot for me to rate a film one star. I didn’t think Plan 9 was that bad, hell I even gave Year One 2 stars. Your Highness is the type of movie that makes me sick to have paid ten bucks for the matinée showing, I can’t imagine the people who paid full price for this sack.Danny McBride and James Franco play two brothers, one lazy and one brave, courageous, heroic, whatever (I’ll let you guess how these descriptions respond). Franco’s girlfriend (Zooey Deschanel) gets kidnapped, and the two brothers along with more idiots have to go save her.To continue to describe the plot would suggest that I stayed in the theatre for the duration of the film. I hated Your Highness. I hated how the plot treated the audience like idiots. Half of the jokes used in this film were recycled from Pineapple Express, unsurprisingly the same director, David Gordon Green.The script is awful. Every other word is an obscenity, which is completely unneeded and totally detracts from any chance of comedy. Even scenes with potential are destroyed. Jokes about masturbation and sex run amok and offer no chance of redemption for this turkey.I hope Franco, McBride, and Portman do better next time, because ultimately they’re all good actors that deserve better material and have potential. Above all, stay away from Your Highness and watch something, anything else.

  • ronald-mason
    ronald mason

    I don’t understand why critics are hating Your Highness so much. “Eastbound & Down”, “Footfist Way,” “Pineapple Express”, etc. all got good reviews, as far as I understand, and this film is like all of those, except much funnier in some cases! Honestly, the only reason I was worried about seeing Your Highness was b/c I had DISLIKED Pineapple Express and Observe and Report so much. This film is far better and certain David Gordon Green’s best comedy to date. Pineapple Express was one long joke about being stoned. The main character in Observe and Report seemed to have been written for McBride but played by the overrated Seth Rogen. I mean if you like Kenny Powers or Fred Simmons, I don’t understand why you would dislike McBride’s Thadeous. He is just as funny as any character McBride has ever played. He’s got the same party mentality as Kenny, the same overblown pride fullness as Fred, just all done up with a British accent. Yet, somehow critics are attacking McBride for his portrayal! People say the opening gag fell flat on its face and that the movie just got worse from there. Honestly, I was rolling during the opening scene. It was completely absurd, reminding me of something out of Monty Python. And from there on I laughed my way until the credits. Yes, there’s a lot of potty mouth humor, drug references, etc. But that is McBride’s brand of humor. Everyone whose a fan knew that going in. I don’t understand why people are acting like that’s such a shocker when they’ve seen all his other work. To me this just really isn’t a step down from Eastbound or Footfist, and is certainly a step UP for Green (at least regarding comedies), who is a fine director and who I am not intending to criticize. If you like everything else these guys have done, go see it. Funniest movie you’ll see all year. 9/10.

  • nshan-chgnavoryan
    nshan chgnavoryan

    I was in London when this film was released and my partner came to visit me. We decided between Your highness or Limitless, in retrospect we really should have waited a bit longer for Limitless. It cost £23 for the both of us as it was in Leicester square. There was 3 people in the cinema, the lights went dim, there was a promise that this film would be amazing. What was it? It was absolute vitriol from start to finish with the deepest pit of toilet humour I’ve had the misfortune to witness. Some people have said we are hypocrites, I love humour if it is good but it doesn’t even fit into a decent storyline. There is no reason for hanging a penis from your neck, or making a small purple alien into a sicko pervert, or any of the other jokes that fell flat because the only thing they were actually good for was the advert. Kudos to the editor of that ad for making the film seem really funny because that was pretty much it with the same amount of storyline. Even Natalie Portman couldn’t save it, nor Zooey Deschanel. Nor even Danny Mcbride. I spent half the film fiddling with Facebook on the phone and would have happily walked out half way through if my partner hadn’t been sadistically enjoying it. It is probably man humour of the lowest, stalest pit of someones mind. It isn’t satire, you can’t call it black comedy, it is merely awful.

  • jules-remy
    jules remy

    I could find nothing I liked in this film. It was not funny or interesting and at best, I was bored.The cast should be ashamed of themselves, there are some good actors here who are surely above this.Too often when films rely on improvised dialogue the result is an incoherent showcase of actors having a whale of a time while the audience are left alienated and disappointed at being left out of the joke and Your Highness is one of the worst offenders. I’m sure they had a great time making the film, but that doesn’t make for an enjoyable viewing experience.Though, having said that, this film would still have been awful with a script.

  • cheryl-griffin
    cheryl griffin

    This movie was incredibly crude, immature, and stupid. However, it was also funny at times. I didn’t find it nearly as bad as the critics, but I’m not quite ready to proclaim it a future cult classic. If you’re easily offended, this is definitely the wrong movie for you. It’s highly offensive, with a constant stream of vulgarities and crude sexual humor. Interestingly, there’s some pretty good special effects, sets, and award-winning actors. It’s like someone decided to give millions of dollars to a bunch of stoners to make their masterpiece. The resulting movie is no masterpiece, but it’s certainly better than the critics made it out to be. If you’re the kind of person who will laugh at anything no matter how stupid it is, you’ll probably like this movie. If you have actual standards and demand that movies be tactful and intelligent, you’ll probably hate it.

  • allison-boone
    allison boone

    watching this crap is wastage of time & nothing more.even if you are bored as hell don’t watch this movie.watch wwe anytime this movie is worst of 2011 the story is gay & the cast is also bad plus i lost respect for Natalie Portman how could she start in this junk… 2 hours of mind killing & boring story forced jokes & in the end Natalie port man shows whats inside her panties to a beard man..urrrh.Hollywood is running out of stories the trailer even looked bad don’t know why I’ve watched this.but i will warn you please do not watch this at any cost. & don’t listen to the good reviews stay away from this.my rating is 1/10 awful film

  • james-garner
    james garner

    Your Highness is a great comedy: it takes the RPG, Dungeon & Dragons, Medieval Fayre, genre and lampoons it perfectly: just serious enough to be a real quest, just anachronistic enough, and definitely rude enough, to be spurt your coke funny.All in if you just want to feel stupid and laugh then this is your movie. It’s even probably got enough going for it to be quoted by teens everywhere of a certain geekiness.All in all, this deserves to be lots of people’s guilty pleasure, it’s fun, funny, even exciting, it know’s its genres conventions inside out, and after a season of Game of Thrones, it’s even funnier….recommended as being a lampoon and a half….fun movie.

  • robert-yoder
    robert yoder

    David Gordon Green’s crude, silly and dirty medieval fantasy adventure spoof ‘Your Highness’ is hilarious and even charming. I’m not a big fan of the overuse of toilet humour that has polluted most Hollywood films today but here it works. The good mix of adult (pretty modern-day) humour and the medieval look and language (I use this word loosely) is itself something difficult to achieve. Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, the movie has heart. ‘Your Highness’ pays tribute to many of those old action adventure fantasy films that we have grown up watching like ‘Conan The Barbarian’, ‘The Dark Crystal’, ‘Lady Hawk’ etc. The costumes and sets are pretty cool and the special effects and robotics are brilliant. The humour does appear forced at times but the funny characters keep it going.The actors doe a fine job with their obviously fake British accent (with the exception of Charles Dance and a few others). Danny McBride (who also co-wrote), James Franco and Justin Theroux are very good. This is perhaps Natalie Portman’s funniest role to date and she does a decent job. Her role was also supposed to be sexy but that’s something difficult to do when you’re in a movie that has Zooey Deschanel. Deschanel shows a good dose of cleavage and here she is cast as the damsel in distress (something different for her). She doesn’t have much screen time but manages to make the viewer stare at her and chuckle.On the flip side, the pacing is uneven and there were some scenes could have easily been funnier. Anyway, the movie doesn’t take itself seriously and its certainly not a bad suggestion for a Friday night or an indoor flick for a rainy day.

  • rocio-martinez
    rocio martinez

    First off, this film has a lot of aspects as far as creatures and magic that I’ve never seen before in a film. I can’t really go into detail about it, but an example would be the 5 headed snake in the trailer. Sure we’ve seen snakes with many heads in plenty of films, but how this creature is created and what happens when it gets injured is incredible and completely unheard of. Also the main plot of what the antagonist, Leezar, is trying to accomplish is incredibly creative. I can’t go into detail about his plot because it would be a massive spoiler since it’s not in any of the trailers, but it is the most creative diabolical plan that I’ve heard of in quite some time. There are plenty of others that I’d love to talk about, but I don’t wanna spoil it for anyone.Secondly, there is a vast variety of different kinds of visual effects in this movie. Granted, most of it is CGI, but there is a Minotaur that’s shown in the trailer that’s basically a guy in a suit, and even a puppet! I was amazed that we finally get a film in a time when EVERYTHING is CGI that we actually get practical effects, puppetry, and costumes. I would be shocked if this film doesn’t get remembered by at least regular movie going audiences for some of the best visual effects of 2011. So far, it definitely has the best by a long shot.Third, this movie is absolutely hilarious! In all honesty, this is the funniest film that I’ve personally seen since Ben Stiller’s amazing Hollywood parody, Tropic Thunder. The thing is that I would not compare this film to Tropic Thunder because it is not a parody. If anything, I’d compare this to Zombieland. It’s a hilarious film that is not a parody of a specific genre. Your Highness is not a parody of the epic quest film. Instead, it is an epic quest film with a lot of humor thrown into the mix. In fact, the best thing about this film is how excellent it is as an epic quest film instead of how hilarious it is. Nonetheless, the comedy in this film is genius and the film is gut busting hilarity. Sadly, some of the funniest lines were given away in some of the trailers, but the funniest scenes in the film weren’t given away at all. In particular there’s one with a Minotaur that had me in stitches.The chemistry between these main characters is definitely intact. Danny McBride and James Franco are completely believable as brothers in the film despite the obvious fact that they don’t look alike at all. Natalie Portman and Danny McBride also have very good chemistry as the two lovebirds of the film. James Franco and Zooey Deschanel’s chemistry seems very forced but thankfully the film makes it clear that it’s supposed to feel that way, so that’s not a problem.Danny McBride does a great job in leading this film. He never comes across as annoying like he does in some of his other films. He does a really excellent job in the lead and he also supports the film with some really big laughs.James Franco is also great in the movie. Sure, he doesn’t go over the top hilarious like he did in David Gordon Green’s previous film, Pineapple Express, but he doesn’t need to be. Everyone else supports the film with the hilarity that it needs, so even though he could’ve been funnier, he didn’t need to be much funnier than he already was.Natalie Portman is very funny in the movie surprisingly. I sort of expected her to just be the eye candy of the film. In some moments, she definitely is that, but she also has quite a lot of funny lines. Also, there is one action scene with her that kind of gives Hit Girl a run for her money. She can be pretty epic during the action sequences.Justin Theroux is a hilarious antagonist for the film. He supplies this movie with some very funny lines and some of the most memorable scenes in the movie. I just knew that not a lot of people were gonna talk about him when the film comes out, so I wanna stress this. He’s comedy gold in this film. This is sort of expected since he also wrote the screenplay for Tropic Thunder.Zooey Deschanel is very funny in the few scenes that she’s in. Some people may say that she was underused in the film, but she has just the right amount of screen time for me. She does exactly what you want out of her character and she does it extremely well.David Gordon Green does an excellent job behind the camera for this film. It’s very well shot, directed, and paced. He knows exactly what he’s doing especially for an incredibly gory film like this. In all honesty, this is one of the goriest films that I’ve seen in quite some time. The director also shoves the gore in your face. In fact, one death in the movie actually felt 3D by how the gore just flew right toward the camera. It’s kind of shocking that this had more 3D than The Last Airbender when this wasn’t even IN 3D.And lastly, the end of this film is very satisfying. It’s very funny, it’s well shot, it’s an ending that left a smile on my face, and it’s the perfect conclusion for this epic film. Sure I may have wanted more after the film ended, but that’s a sign that the movie was so good that you wanted more. Thankfully, the film sets up for a sequel and I’m more than happy if they decide to make one.I give Your Highness a 10/10

  • heather-castillo
    heather castillo

    Constantly overshadowed by the chivalrous actions of his brother Prince Fabious, disgruntled scoundrel Thadeous vents his frustrations by blundering simple assignments, indulging in too many spirits, and berating his aide Courtney.But when Fabious’ new bride Belladonna is kidnapped by the evil sorcerer Leezar, Thadeous is forced to tag along on his very first quest.Encountering wise wizards, ruthless jungle savages, and the fiercely driven warrior girl Isabel, Thadeous must learn to play the role of a valiant knight – and when Fabious is captured by Leezar, the bumbling prince might just become a hero…wow, is this film bad. So bad, I can honestly say it’s the worse film I have seen so far this year.The makers seem to think that putting stoners and profanity into a medieval movie will bring in the laughs, they are horribly mistaken.The cast, McBride et al, all do there best to save this, but they struggle with the regular fart jokes and and stoners jokes that have been used a thousand times before. But the honours go to Franco, who was so good in Pineapple Express, here he is just wasted as the ‘hero’.There are zero laughs in this, and it’s just very painful to watch and the majority of the cast look bored.No wonder Portman hides her face during her entrance….

  • natasha-vincent
    natasha vincent

    A waste of a talented cast and director. Having enjoyed Pineapple Express, I had hopes for this film. But wow, it took about 10 minutes for those hopes and expectations to plummet. Every joke was predictable and obvious, a high schooler probably could have done this better. And to make it worse, it went on far too long. There’s probably about 20 minutes that could have been cut from this and it would have been a merciful bit of slicing had it happened. There might have been a good movie somewhere within the general idea, maybe that should have been the characters quest, finding a worthwhile script. Because they didn’t have one to work with here. Though they can thank one of their own for that.

  • anneli-lang
    anneli lang

    Your Highness is a movie, if there ever is one, that is an insult to the words “Gross-out” and “comedy” and the dash between the first two words. What’s even more insulting is the fact that it came from such a talented director, David Gordon Green. That guy directed Pineapple Express, and a number of lower-key serious ones that are worth mention as well. But alas, Your Highness is an ultimately unfunny embarrassment of a film that makes the god-awful “Step Brothers” look hilarious.The film’s story is set in Medieval England and basically revolves around Thadeous, a lazy and fat stoner slob with a successful brother, Fabious. Fabious has just returned from saving his wife, Belladonna, from an evil wizard with three moms called Lezarre. As they are about to get married, on the wedding day, Lezarre kidnaps Belladonna and brings her back to his castle for the sole purpose of deflowering her, with the help of his three mothers. They take some guy I couldn’t care about named Courtney as they go on their quest. Their quest includes many things such as masturbating a wizard creature thingy, ending up in a trap and blah blah blah… yeah.That’s about as much of a story you’ll get from Your Highness. Because much of the film’s potential to have a good story is wasted on jokes about sex, paedophilia, wearing a monster penis around your neck and a whole bunch of other gross and raunchy stuff that’s too raunchy to be funny, and too dull to be even considered humour, even unfunny humour at that. The film basically subjects its audience to such nasty and gross stuff for the entire duration, and while I love gross-out humour, there’s a fine line between gross and funny.That’s not to say there wasn’t any funny moments, because there were, in fact, two: One where Thadeous goes around, stoned out of his mind, chasing sheep, and another being where they are under attack in a ritual including a beast which is controlled by a fat man’s hand. I’m not gonna lie, I just spent 20 minutes trying to remember the parts I did think were funny. That’s never a good sign. There were a couple chortles as well, but I can’t even remember those parts. There’s an incredible amount of gory violence in the film too, but the only reason the gore is so shocking is because of the rest of the film being so static and blasé. Despite the violence, the film is not much of an action movie. Problem is, it’s not much of a comedy either, at least to people who know what funny actually means.Overall, while this film is rated 18A in Canada, I find mys elf a number of years years past its intended target audience- that is, 14 year old tweens who find jokes about baby rape and other disgusting stuff funny. And mind you, I’ve been known around my friends as the one with the incredibly sick and twisted sense of humour, but even still, this film is just not funny. I would definitely recommend staying away from this flick, no matter how much you love gross humour or sick and twisted stuff.

  • noel-gomez-de-la-bodin
    noel gomez de la bodin

    An interesting, comedic twist on the ‘Fantasy Quest’ genre! Lot’s of ‘schoolboy’ humour and a large number of expletives, kept me entertained anyway!It’s a sort of ‘Krull’ meets ‘The Inbetweeners’ and I found myself laughing occasionally and smiling throughout! How they managed to get a pretty impressive cast, I don’t know but, it all worked well, in my humble opinion.It was Danny MacBride’s previous incarnations which enticed me to watch the movie and he didn’t disappoint! Almost as politically incorrect as many of his other roles albeit with a slightly anglicised accent, added to the fun.It’s likely to be panned by the critics but, if you want a light hearted romp for 105 minutes, don’t mind gratuitous references to unnatural sexual acts, unexpected 21st Century expletives in a Medieval environment and Natalie Portman saying the odd ‘F’ word, then you may well enjoy this.I have only written one previous review, for a film which had good reviews and I thought was crap! ‘Your Highness’ is the complete opposite, in my opinion and, as such has prompted my second review.I will watch it again, not with my youngest daughter who is an ordained minister but with my eldest who is an A & E Nurse. Say no more.

  • marusa-leskovar
    marusa leskovar

    In the immortal words of Sidney Deane as played by Wesley Snipes in White Men Can’t Jump; ‘The sun even shines on a dogs ass some days…’. There I was minding my own business going to watch a man fire darts from his butt hole and in 3D no less, when a kindly lady with a clipboard asks me if I wanted free tickets to a screening on Wednesday. Being the sort that never looks a gift horse in the mouth and seeing the title of said movie on the clipboard I said ‘of course my good lady, I will relieve you of the burden of your tickets’. My details were taken and I was all set to see Your Highness on Wednesday. You see this is the latest film from David Gordon Green, the art-house director who turned his hand to comedy with Pineapple Express and stars Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel. I knew the premise and I couldn’t wait to see what they did with it.The film begins with Prince Thadeus (McBride) in a dwarf village with his servant/sidekick Courtney, he has clearly upset the little people as he is about to be hanged. Due to a miscalculation about the length of the rope Thadeus and Courtney escape back to the kingdom where Thadeus’s brother Fabious (Franco) has returned from another successful quest after defeating the evil Leezar (Justin Theroux) and won the hand of his new bride to be Belladonna (Deschanel). The kingdom revels in Fabious’s success and once again the oafish Thadeus is pushed to the side, preferring instead to womanize and smoke wizard weed. At the happy couple’s wedding Leezar returns and kidnaps the virgin Belladonna with the intention of impregnating her with a dragon when the twin moons are aligned (or as Leezar politely refers to it ‘The Fuckening’). Fabious must once again go on a quest to rescue his beloved with his trusty band of knights. Thaddeus is given a choice; go on the quest with his brother and man up or get out of the kingdom. So Fabious and Thadeus set off on the quest where they will encounter a village of nude savage women, A wizard puppet who is also a possible pederast,huge mythical snake beasts, a horny minotaur and vengeful vixen Isabel (Portman). Thadeus must learn to be a hero, handle a sword and woo the fiery Isabel who is on a quest of her own.Your Highness could have so easily become just another spoof along the lines of Epic Movie or Meet the Spartans but surprisingly just as the action was treated seriously in Pineapple Express, the fantasy elements here are just as important as the comedy. The special effects and production design are very impressive and the film certainly looks epic using the country of Ireland as its backdrop. There are evil witches firing lightning all over the place, there are mechanical beasts right out of the original Clash of the Titans and there is a weird hand/pit/monster thing that is cool as hell. Its also mega gory, limbs are hacked off and there is plenty of blood. Of course there is silly humor, very silly. If you didn’t get Green’s last comedy you may struggle here although Your Highness is probably the better film. This could well be the film that breaks Danny McBride into super stardom as he is the main star here. He delivers his lines in a pretty flawless English accent and the character is a classic spoiled loser who must learn to be a man. Just wait until you see the scene where he takes a trophy from a kill, its hilarious and gross. James Franco is being himself but also gets plenty of laughs jabbing away at the image of the handsome prince who writes poetry while also being handy with a sword. Portman is her usual brilliant self and for all her male fans there is a bathing scene that will get your temperature up. The main cast are supported by some more traditional thespian types. Toby Jones plays a creepy town crier type, Charles Dance is the king, Damian Lewis plays a treacherous knight and Justin Theroux nearly steals the whole thing as Leezar. Previously best known for smaller roles in David Lynch films and writing Tropic Thunder, Theroux is a comic revelation here delivering many of the films best lines with prosthetic teeth and a hideous wig. I laughed a lot and loudly and so did the packed audience. The script is written by McBride with his frequent collaborator Ben Best and clearly they have a lot of affection for the 1980’s fantasy movies they (and I) grew up with. Films like Krull, Clash of The Titans, Hawk the Slayer, Willow, Conan and Beastmaster are all wonderfully homaged and never poked fun at. It really could have died on its ass for being so ambitious but in the hands of a craftsman like David Gordon Green it works wonders.

  • catherine-moore
    catherine moore

    So this is one of those movies you get to enjoy no matter how stupid they are. “You Highness” mocks everything about medieval time movies, kings and knights, etc. by applying exaggeratively sarcastic and cynical humor. The humor is so superficially dull, that it really is funny due to the way it is applied to a movie about the middle ages. It’s almost like a porno version of “Shreck”, harshly speaking. Making jokes about genitals, sex, masculinity an such. It absolutely is nothing more than a movie to get some laughs out of, since the plot is definitely NOT on of the most superb stories you’ve ever seen in a movie, and the acting is rather fake, for the exception of Natalie Portman and maybe James Franco. Which is actually quite funny how two A list actors put a lot of effort into a movie so dumb. And another good thing about this film is that it actually looks really cool sometimes, especially at the end during the climax. So there you have it. It definitely isn’t meant to be praised as a masterpiece of a movie. Just sit back and enjoy the stupidity of it.

  • john-medina
    john medina

    I liked this film. It is not going to win any Oscars, and is pretty rude at times, but anyone who is a fan of Eastbound and Down will like this. It is cheesy at times, knowingly so, but does entertain all the way through. It is not trying to be ground breaking and original, it is a comedy and does what is says on the tin. Maybe do not watch the trailer though as the best bits are in there! Do not go to see it if you are easily offended, it is full of bad language, crude sex references and is quite in your face. I was heartily amused, and would recommend this for a light hearted, entertaining romp. The cast is strong. Too often, critics pan films which Jo public actually really enjoy, so judge for yourself based on what actual people say, not according to reviewers, who often are quite wrong about what people enjoy watching.

  • eric-deleon
    eric deleon

    This movie was made to make you laugh and that is exactly what it does. No real depth or signifigant underlying message to speak of, just a lot of raunchy humor to split your sides. I laughed the whole way through the movie and you will too if you have at least one funny bone in your body. There is so much filthy humor in this movie that is in no way suitable for children, but hey we adults need some idiocracy of our own every now and then and that is exactly what this movie brings to the table. Purely brilliant idiocracy. The best kind there is. It has a great cast and Danny McBride is hilarious as usual. Definitely worth watching. Be forewarned, it is DIRTY!!!

  • milena-silva
    milena silva

    I guess this movie isn’t for everyone. we were 3 people, two guys and one girl. she fell asleep.. but we loved it, so maybe its a guy movie..? if you think blood, unnecessary violence, fine women, and explicit language is a good thing in a comedy, then maybe you will also enjoy this one. I think its one of he ,most enjoyable and funny action comedies for a while. the characters are good, great actors and Portman is as talented as she is candy for the eye. the story is hilarious, lots of funny moments and absurdities. a non stop pace. I am really surprised it hasn’t got a higher rating, I think that in time this will be considered a classic, I mean, whats not to like?! an awesome movie.(the only reason I don’t give it 10 is because I’m stingy, it certainly deserves a 10:)I totally recommend it:)

  • andrew-bell
    andrew bell

    I have just seen this at a preview screening in London.I’m not actually a fan of low brow humour but I found myself laughing and chuckling throughout this filthy mouthed, very gory, medieval sword and sorcery fantasy comedy. Its mainly because the cast is very likable with its main leads resonating off each other in this pool of silliness which makes the film highly entertaining. While James Franco and Danny McBride provides the laughter and brotherly banter, Natalie Portman strides in with stunning gravitas as a deceptive sexy swashbuckling heroine.The storyline is a simple action adventure journey to save a damsel in distress from a warlord. But this not a naked gun style comedy, rather a humorous homage to classic fantasy movies such as Dark Crystal, Conan the Barbarian, Princess Bride etc. What’s surprising is that the adventure is rather genuine and exciting with a huge dose of special effects that a comedy shouldn’t really be allowed to have. I believe the film was given a normal comedy level budget but they certainly seem to have made clever use of it with some impressive special effects.Yes there is much sexual jokes and innuendos and a heavy reliance on uncharacteristic medieval expletive adjectives to force a laugh but the charm of the characters makes them get away with it.Having said all of the above, there were clearly some pacing issues and missed opportunities for this to be an even funnier and smarter movie but as it is, it offers plenty of entertainment, fun and laughs for a Friday/Saturday evening at the cinema.

  • haralamb-florea
    haralamb florea

    Your Highness is a goofy movie from the Pineapple Express guys. My husband and I loved this movie, we didn’t stop laughing, and neither did anyone else in the theater. Danny McBride is hilarious. James Franco and Zooey Deschanel have an infectious sweetness that makes you want to run home and proclaim your undying love! Natalie Portman gave an amazing performance as always and it was nice to see her in a comedic role. Of course Your Highness is no Black Swan, but if you’re looking for a good laid back, feel good movie to keep you rolling, this is the one for you, I have NO idea why this movie is being bashed, it must be from people with no sense of humor or spirit of fun! Go see it today,you won’t regret it!!!

  • karen-ramos
    karen ramos

    Your Highness is so underrated but it’s totally comprehensible. The movie is a satire about medieval action and dungeons tales movies, but it’s not cheesy as ordinary satires like Scary Movie series (among others), it has its own story, with its own characters and originality and plays with clichés all the time, making the characters look pathetic when acting like heroes that needs to complete quests as in a RPG game, a satire that seems much more like Mel Brooks classic titles.People are claiming it offensive and aggressive for the extensive use of sexual language and also for some explicit nude scenes. For sure it is, and this negative response from these people is just a reflexion of the puritan hypocrite society we live in, because if you laugh about Eddie Murphy’s Nutty Professor farting with his family for about 10 minutes, you aren’t able to say that You Highness is offensive or aggressive for its verbal content, first of all because I’m talking about a movie that seems silly and a waste of time, but in reality it is a very intelligent and interesting one, and for sure, one of the funniest movies and the best in its satire genre that I’ve seen since… once upon a time.It’s pure entertainment, the dialogs are sometimes taken from a porn movie. The acting is great. James Franco, as Fabious, the charming prince, is fantastic, always happy, empowering and in love, making his character seems that was taken from a fairytale, even his movements and expressions are totally inspired by everything a charming prince means and does. Danny McBride, as Thadeous, is completely the opposite, the real anti-hero image, full of envy, anger, hate and jealousy, searching and making everything just to satisfy his very own ego. And every character is ridiculous as it should be.Also the movie is full of action and special effects. Screenwriters Danny McBride and Ben Best did an excellent job together creating an uncommon tale based on mythologies and sex into a medieval and puritan world, that’s why is so funny, because you never expect so serious characters talking about sex and genitals like something simple and ordinary. Like another one said, it’s not a movie for those who are easily offended, but for the ones who might get its tone, will love it.

  • lucie-rihova
    lucie rihova

    They say that there is no such thing as a bad idea for a movie, just bad executions of ideas. I was open to the idea behind “Your Highness” – after all the spin on this sword and sorcery world – mixing stoner and frat boy humor into this pot is an original one. All I was asking that the movie be funny doing this. Sadly, the movie isn’t that funny at all. Stoner and frat boy humor can be funny, but all this dumb humor has to be executed with some intelligence to work. But the filmmakers of this movie seem to be thinking at the level of a brain-dead adolescent. The movie thinks that simply spouting off curse words is hilarious, but it simply isn’t. The actors do their best, but the low-level mentality of the entire enterprise ultimately sinks the movie. The best I can say for this failure is that it is seldom boring. Stupid and intelligence-insulting, yes. But not boring.

  • mary-patterson
    mary patterson

    I watched this on DVD last night, shamefully because of what i had heard around the time of its cinema release. Well that taught me a lesson.The only accountable reason i can arrive at for all the negative feedback i heard from critics and the public is that i feel they were expecting something a little more Holy Grail, because of the setting and the English accents and instead i felt this is more Blazing Saddles, very un-pc, whilst gently goosing (oo-er) its chosen genre.It is immature and crude, but the laughs were consistent enough, its a comedy notion which would usually have a B grade budget, but has somehow been made with an A grade budget and for me that was part of its charm. Its like the slackers broke into the set of Lord of the Rings and mucked about all weekend and managed to film it.Maybe i did the right thing in retrospect, sometimes its better to watch something after the dust has settled, just watch this cold and i’ll bet you’d enjoy it. In years to come i think this film will have quite a loyal following, across a certain demographic, including me.