To enter a world in suspension while the other one carries on. Panoramas, a title borrowed from one of their songs, more than a rockumentary is the travel journal of an extensive tour that starts in Europe, continues in South America and ends in a recording studio in the U.S. With a respectful gaze and from an appropriate distance the film documents public moments of the Mexican band Zoé, founded in the late-90s, and also more intimate moments provoked by their long coexistence, where the conducting thread is always their music. It depicts topics such as creation, reconciliation, mistakes, silences, fun moments, the isolation in contemplation brought on by spending several hours on the road, constant experimentation with sounds, the return to painful realities but, above all, the vibrant energy of their followers who, once the band hits the stage, help to leave the exhaustion behind, and everything makes sense.

Also Known As: Zoé: Panoramas

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