An aimless English writer finds he has a small inheritance on a Greek island. His joyless existence is disturbed when he meets Zorba, a middle aged Greek with a real lust for life. As he discovers the earthy pleasures of Greece, the Englishman finds his view on life changing.

Also Known As: Zorba, el griego, Zorba, grækeren, Zorba, Zorba the Greek, Зорба гъркът, Zorba Grecul, Zorba el griego, Zorba Ha-Yevani, Alexis Sorbas, Zorba il greco, Zorba le grec, Zorba, a görög, Αλέξης Ζορμπάς, Graikas Zorba, Alexis Sorbas West, Kerro minulle, Zorbas, Zorba, o Grego, Zorba de Griek, Alexis Zorbas, Grek Zorba, Грек Зорба Soviet

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